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xen.h File Reference

Xen interface. More...

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Data Structures

struct  xen_hypercall
 A hypercall entry point. More...


#define XEN_REG1   "ebx"
#define XEN_REG2   "ecx"
#define XEN_REG3   "edx"
#define XEN_REG4   "esi"
#define XEN_REG5   "edi"


struct xen_hypercall __attribute__ ((packed))
static __attribute__ ((always_inline)) unsigned long xen_hypercall_1(struct xen_hypervisor *xen
 Issue hypercall with one argument.


uint8_t code [32]
 Code generated by hypervisor.
static unsigned int hypercall

Detailed Description

Xen interface.

Definition in file xen.h.

Define Documentation

#define XEN_REG1   "ebx"

Definition at line 20 of file xen.h.

#define XEN_REG2   "ecx"

Definition at line 21 of file xen.h.

#define XEN_REG3   "edx"

Definition at line 22 of file xen.h.

#define XEN_REG4   "esi"

Definition at line 23 of file xen.h.

#define XEN_REG5   "edi"

Definition at line 24 of file xen.h.

Function Documentation

struct xen_hypercall __attribute__ ( (packed)  )
static __attribute__ ( (always_inline)  ) [inline, static]

Issue hypercall with one argument.

xenXen hypervisor
hypercallHypercall number
arg1First argument
Return values:
retvalReturn value

Variable Documentation

Code generated by hypervisor.

Definition at line 33 of file xen.h.

unsigned int hypercall

Definition at line 42 of file xen.h.

Referenced by hv_map_hypercall(), and hv_unmap_hypercall().