ipxe Directory Reference


directory  efi
directory  errno
directory  linux


file  acpi.h [code]

ACPI data structures.

file  aes.h [code]

AES algorithm.

file  ansicol.h [code]

ANSI colours.

file  ansiesc.h [code]

ANSI escape sequences.

file  aoe.h [code]

AoE protocol.

file  api.h [code]

iPXE internal APIs

file  arc4.h [code]
file  arp.h [code]

Address Resolution Protocol.

file  asn1.h [code]

ASN.1 encoding.

file  ata.h [code]

ATA devices.

file  base16.h [code]

Base16 encoding.

file  base64.h [code]

Base64 encoding.

file  bigint.h [code]

Big integer support.

file  bitbash.h [code]

Bit-bashing interfaces.

file  bitmap.h [code]

Bitmaps for multicast downloads.

file  bitops.h [code]

Bit operations.

file  blockdev.h [code]

Block devices.

file  blocktrans.h [code]

Block device translator.

file  bofm.h [code]

IBM BladeCenter Open Fabric Manager (BOFM)

file  cbc.h [code]

Cipher-block chaining.

file  cdc.h [code]

USB Communications Device Class (CDC)

file  certstore.h [code]

Certificate store.

file  chap.h [code]

CHAP protocol.

file  cms.h [code]

Cryptographic Message Syntax (PKCS #7)

file  command.h [code]
file  console.h [code]

User interaction.

file  cpio.h [code]

CPIO archives.

file  crc32.h [code]
file  crypto.h [code]

Cryptographic API.

file  deflate.h [code]

DEFLATE decompression algorithm.

file  der.h [code]

DER image format.

file  device.h [code]

Device model.

file  dhcp.h [code]

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

file  dhcpopts.h [code]

DHCP options.

file  dhcppkt.h [code]

DHCP packets.

file  dhcpv6.h [code]

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6.

file  dns.h [code]

DNS protocol.

file  downloader.h [code]

Image downloader.

file  drbg.h [code]

DRBG mechanism.

file  dummy_sanboot.h [code]

Dummy SAN device.

file  eapol.h [code]

Definitions for EAPOL (Extensible Authentication Protocol over LANs) frames.

file  ecb.h [code]

Electronic codebook (ECB)

file  edd.h [code]

Enhanced Disk Drive specification.

file  editbox.h [code]

Editable text box widget.

file  editstring.h [code]

Editable strings.

file  eisa.h [code]
file  elf.h [code]

ELF image format.

file  eltorito.h [code]

El Torito bootable CD-ROM specification.

file  entropy.h [code]

Entropy source.

file  eoib.h [code]

Ethernet over Infiniband.

file  errfile.h [code]

Error file identifiers.

file  errortab.h [code]

Error message tables.

file  eth_slow.h [code]

Ethernet slow protocols.

file  ethernet.h [code]

Ethernet protocol.

file  fakedhcp.h [code]

Fake DHCP packets.

file  fault.h [code]

Fault injection.

file  fbcon.h [code]

Frame buffer console.

file  fc.h [code]

Fibre Channel.

file  fcels.h [code]

Fibre Channel Extended Link Services.

file  fcns.h [code]

Fibre Channel name server lookups.

file  fcoe.h [code]

Fibre Channel over Ethernet.

file  fcp.h [code]

Fibre Channel Protocol.

file  fdt.h [code]

Flattened Device Tree.

file  features.h [code]

Feature list.

file  fip.h [code]
file  fragment.h [code]

Fragment reassembly.

file  ftp.h [code]

File transfer protocol.

file  gdbserial.h [code]

GDB remote debugging over serial.

file  gdbstub.h [code]

GDB remote debugging.

file  gdbudp.h [code]

GDB remote debugging over UDP.

file  hash_df.h [code]

Hash-based derivation function (Hash_df)

file  hidemem.h [code]

Hidden memory regions.

file  hmac.h [code]

Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication.

file  hmac_drbg.h [code]

HMAC_DRBG algorithm.

file  http.h [code]

Hyper Text Transport Protocol.

file  hyperv.h [code]

Hyper-V interface.

file  i2c.h [code]

I2C interface.

file  ib_cm.h [code]

Infiniband communication management.

file  ib_cmrc.h [code]

Infiniband Communication-managed Reliable Connections.

file  ib_mad.h [code]

Infiniband management datagrams.

file  ib_mcast.h [code]

Infiniband multicast groups.

file  ib_mi.h [code]

Infiniband management interfaces.

file  ib_packet.h [code]

Infiniband packet format.

file  ib_pathrec.h [code]

Infiniband path records.

file  ib_service.h [code]

Infiniband service records.

file  ib_sma.h [code]

Infiniband subnet management agent.

file  ib_smc.h [code]

Infiniband Subnet Management Client.

file  ib_srp.h [code]

SCSI RDMA Protocol over Infiniband.

file  ibft.h [code]

iSCSI boot firmware table

file  icmp.h [code]

ICMP protocol.

file  icmpv6.h [code]

ICMPv6 protocol.

file  ieee80211.h [code]

Constants and data structures defined in IEEE 802.11, subsetted according to what iPXE knows how to use.

file  if_arp.h [code]

Address Resolution Protocol constants and types.

file  if_ether.h [code]
file  image.h [code]

Executable images.

file  in.h [code]
file  infiniband.h [code]

Infiniband protocol.

file  init.h [code]
file  interface.h [code]

Object interfaces.

file  io.h [code]


file  iobuf.h [code]

I/O buffers.

file  iomap.h [code]

iPXE I/O mapping API

file  iomap_virt.h [code]

iPXE I/O mapping API using phys_to_virt()

file  ip.h [code]

IP protocol.

file  ipoib.h [code]

IP over Infiniband.

file  ipstat.h [code]

IP statistics.

file  ipv6.h [code]

IPv6 protocol.

file  isa.h [code]
file  isa_ids.h [code]
file  isapnp.h [code]
file  iscsi.h [code]

iSCSI protocol

file  iso9660.h [code]

ISO9660 CD-ROM specification.

file  isqrt.h [code]

Integer square root.

file  job.h [code]

Job control interfaces.

file  jumpscroll.h [code]

Jump scrolling.

file  keymap.h [code]

Keyboard mappings.

file  keys.h [code]

Key definitions.

file  linebuf.h [code]

Line buffering.

file  lineconsole.h [code]

Line-based console.

file  linux.h [code]

Linux devices, drivers and device requests.

file  list.h [code]

Linked lists.

file  login_ui.h [code]

Login UI.

file  malloc.h [code]

Dynamic memory allocation.

file  mca.h [code]
file  md4.h [code]

MD4 algorithm.

file  md5.h [code]

MD5 algorithm.

file  memblock.h [code]

Largest memory block.

file  menu.h [code]

Menu selection.

file  mii.h [code]

Media Independent Interface.

file  mii_bit.h [code]

MII bit-bashing interface.

file  monojob.h [code]

Single foreground job.

file  mount.h [code]

NFS MOUNT protocol.

file  nap.h [code]

CPU sleeping.

file  ndp.h [code]

Neighbour discovery protocol.

file  neighbour.h [code]

Neighbour discovery.

file  net80211.h [code]

The iPXE 802.11 MAC layer.

file  net80211_err.h [code]

The iPXE 802.11 MAC layer errors.

file  netbios.h [code]

NetBIOS user names.

file  netdevice.h [code]

Network device management.

file  nfs.h [code]

Network File System protocol.

file  nfs_open.h [code]

Network File System protocol.

file  nfs_uri.h [code]

Network File System protocol URI handling functions.

file  ntlm.h [code]

NT LAN Manager (NTLM) authentication.

file  ntp.h [code]

Network Time Protocol.

file  null_acpi.h [code]

Standard do-nothing ACPI interface.

file  null_entropy.h [code]

Nonexistent entropy source.

file  null_nap.h [code]

Null CPU sleeping.

file  null_reboot.h [code]

iPXE do-nothing reboot API

file  null_sanboot.h [code]

Standard do-nothing sanboot interface.

file  null_time.h [code]

Nonexistent time source.

file  nvo.h [code]

Non-volatile stored options.

file  nvs.h [code]

Non-volatile storage.

file  nvsvpd.h [code]

Non-Volatile Storage using Vital Product Data.

file  ocsp.h [code]

Online Certificate Status Protocol.

file  oncrpc.h [code]

SUN ONC RPC protocol.

file  oncrpc_iob.h [code]

SUN ONC RPC protocol.

file  open.h [code]

Data transfer interface opening.

file  params.h [code]

Form parameters.

file  parseopt.h [code]

Command line option parsing.

file  pccrc.h [code]

Peer Content Caching and Retrieval: Content Identification [MS-PCCRC].

file  pccrd.h [code]

Peer Content Caching and Retrieval: Discovery Protocol [MS-PCCRD].

file  pccrr.h [code]

Peer Content Caching and Retrieval: Retrieval Protocol [MS-PCCRR].

file  pci.h [code]

PCI bus.

file  pci_io.h [code]


file  pcibackup.h [code]

PCI configuration space backup and restoration.

file  pciea.h [code]

PCI Enhanced Allocation.

file  pcimsix.h [code]

PCI MSI-X interrupts.

file  pcivpd.h [code]

PCI Vital Product Data.

file  peerblk.h [code]

Peer Content Caching and Retrieval (PeerDist) protocol block downloads.

file  peerdisc.h [code]

Peer Content Caching and Retrieval (PeerDist) protocol peer discovery.

file  peermux.h [code]

Peer Content Caching and Retrieval (PeerDist) protocol multiplexer.

file  pem.h [code]

PEM-encoded ASN.1 data.

file  pending.h [code]

Pending operations.

file  ping.h [code]

ICMP ping protocol.

file  pinger.h [code]

ICMP ping sender.

file  pixbuf.h [code]

Pixel buffer.

file  png.h [code]

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.

file  pnm.h [code]

Portable anymap format (PNM)

file  pool.h [code]

Pooled connections.

file  portmap.h [code]

SUN ONC RPC protocol.

file  posix_io.h [code]

POSIX-like I/O.

file  privkey.h [code]

Private key.

file  process.h [code]


file  profile.h [code]


file  pseudobit.h [code]

Pseudo-bit structures.

file  quiesce.h [code]

Quiesce system.

file  random_nz.h [code]

HMAC_DRBG algorithm.

file  rarp.h [code]

Reverse Address Resolution Protocol.

file  rbg.h [code]

RBG mechanism.

file  rc80211.h [code]

Rate-control algorithm prototype for 802.11.

file  reboot.h [code]

iPXE reboot API

file  refcnt.h [code]

Reference counting.

file  resolv.h [code]

Name resolution.

file  retry.h [code]

Retry timers.

file  rndis.h [code]

Remote Network Driver Interface Specification.

file  rootcert.h [code]

Root certificate store.

file  rotate.h [code]

Bit operations.

file  rsa.h [code]

RSA public-key cryptography.

file  sanboot.h [code]

iPXE sanboot API

file  script.h [code]

iPXE scripts

file  scsi.h [code]

SCSI devices.

file  sec80211.h [code]

Definitions for general secured-network routines.

file  segment.h [code]

Executable image segments.

file  serial.h [code]

Serial console.

file  settings.h [code]

Configuration settings.

file  settings_ui.h [code]

Option configuration console.

file  sha1.h [code]

SHA-1 algorithm.

file  sha256.h [code]

SHA-256 algorithm.

file  sha512.h [code]

SHA-512 algorithm.

file  shell.h [code]

Minimal command shell.

file  smbios.h [code]

System Management BIOS.

file  socket.h [code]

Socket addresses.

file  spi.h [code]

SPI interface.

file  spi_bit.h [code]

SPI bit-bashing interface.

file  srp.h [code]

SCSI RDMA Protocol.

file  stp.h [code]

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

file  string.h [code]

String functions.

file  syslog.h [code]

Syslog protocol.

file  tables.h [code]

Linker tables.

file  tcp.h [code]

TCP protocol.

file  tcpip.h [code]

Transport-network layer interface.

file  test.h [code]

Self-test infrastructure.

file  tftp.h [code]

TFTP protocol.

file  threewire.h [code]

Three-wire serial interface.

file  time.h [code]

Time source.

file  timer.h [code]

iPXE timers

file  tls.h [code]

Transport Layer Security Protocol.

file  uaccess.h [code]

Access to external ("user") memory.

file  uart.h [code]

16550-compatible UART

file  udp.h [code]

UDP protocol.

file  umalloc.h [code]

User memory allocation.

file  uri.h [code]

Uniform Resource Identifiers.

file  usb.h [code]

Universal Serial Bus (USB)

file  usbhid.h [code]

USB human interface devices (HID)

file  usbnet.h [code]

USB network devices.

file  uuid.h [code]

Universally unique IDs.

file  validator.h [code]

Certificate validator.

file  version.h [code]

Version number.

file  virtio-pci.h [code]
file  virtio-ring.h [code]
file  vlan.h [code]

Virtual LANs.

file  vmbus.h [code]

Hyper-V virtual machine bus.

file  vsprintf.h [code]

printf() and friends

file  wpa.h [code]

Common definitions for all types of WPA-protected networks.

file  x509.h [code]

X.509 certificates.

file  xen.h [code]

Xen interface.

file  xenbus.h [code]

Xen device bus.

file  xenevent.h [code]

Xen events.

file  xengrant.h [code]

Xen grant tables.

file  xenmem.h [code]

Xen memory operations.

file  xenstore.h [code]

XenStore interface.

file  xenver.h [code]

Xen version.

file  xfer.h [code]

Data transfer interfaces.

file  xferbuf.h [code]

Data transfer buffer.

file  xsigo.h [code]

Xsigo virtual Ethernet devices.