80211 Directory Reference


file  net80211.c [code]

802.11 device management

file  rc80211.c [code]

Simple 802.11 rate-control algorithm.

file  sec80211.c [code]

General secured-network routines required whenever any secure network support at all is compiled in.

file  wep.c [code]

The WEP wireless encryption method (insecure!)

file  wpa.c [code]

Handler for the aspects of WPA handshaking that are independent of 802.1X/PSK or TKIP/CCMP; this mostly involves the 4-Way Handshake.

file  wpa_ccmp.c [code]

Backend for WPA using the CCMP encryption method.

file  wpa_psk.c [code]

Frontend for WPA using a pre-shared key.

file  wpa_tkip.c [code]

Backend for WPA using the TKIP encryption standard.