core Directory Reference


directory  linux


file  basemem_packet.c [code]

Packet buffer in base memory.

file  cachedhcp.c [code]

Cached DHCP packet.

file  cpuid.c [code]

x86 CPU feature detection

file  cpuid_settings.c [code]

x86 CPUID settings

file  debugcon.c [code]

Debug port console.

file  dumpregs.c [code]
file  gdbmach.c [code]

GDB architecture-specific bits for x86.

file  pci_autoboot.c [code]
file  pcidirect.c [code]

PCI configuration space access via Type 1 accesses.

file  pic8259.c [code]

Minimal support for the 8259 Programmable Interrupt Controller.

file  pit8254.c [code]

8254 Programmable Interval Timer

file  rdtsc_timer.c [code]

RDTSC timer.

file  relocate.c [code]
file  runtime.c [code]

Command line and initrd passed to iPXE at runtime.

file  video_subr.c [code]
file  vram_settings.c [code]

Video RAM dump.

file  x86_bigint.c [code]

Big integer support.

file  x86_io.c [code]

iPXE I/O API for x86

file  x86_string.c [code]

Optimised string operations.

file  x86_tcpip.c [code]

TCP/IP checksum.

file  x86_uart.c [code]

16550-compatible UART