core Directory Reference


file  acpi.c [code]

ACPI support functions.

file  acpi_settings.c [code]

ACPI settings.

file  ansicol.c [code]

ANSI colours.

file  ansicoldef.c [code]

ANSI colour definitions.

file  ansiesc.c [code]

ANSI escape sequences.

file  asprintf.c [code]
file  assert.c [code]


file  base16.c [code]

Base16 encoding.

file  base64.c [code]

Base64 encoding.

file  basename.c [code]

Get base name of path.

file  bitmap.c [code]

Bitmaps for multicast downloads.

file  blockdev.c [code]

Block devices.

file  blocktrans.c [code]

Block device translator.

file  console.c [code]
file  cpio.c [code]

CPIO archives.

file  ctype.c [code]

Character types.

file  cwuri.c [code]

Current working URI.

file  debug.c [code]
file  debug_md5.c [code]
file  device.c [code]

Device model.

file  downloader.c [code]

Image downloader.

file  dummy_sanboot.c [code]

Dummy SAN device.

file  edd.c [code]

Enhanced Disk Drive specification.

file  errno.c [code]

Error codes.

file  exec.c [code]

Command execution.

file  fault.c [code]

Fault injection.

file  fbcon.c [code]

Frame buffer console.

file  fdt.c [code]

Flattened Device Tree.

file  fnrec.c [code]

Function trace recorder for crash and hang debugging.

file  gdbserial.c [code]
file  gdbstub.c [code]

GDB stub for remote debugging.

file  gdbudp.c [code]

GDB over UDP transport.

file  getkey.c [code]

Special key interpretation.

file  getopt.c [code]

Parse command-line options.

file  hw.c [code]

"Hello World" data source

file  i82365.c [code]
file  image.c [code]

Executable images.

file  init.c [code]

Initialisation, startup and shutdown routines.

file  interface.c [code]

Object interfaces.

file  iobuf.c [code]

I/O buffers.

file  iomap_virt.c [code]

iPXE I/O mapping API using phys_to_virt()

file  isqrt.c [code]

Integer square root.

file  job.c [code]

Job control interfaces.

file  linebuf.c [code]

Line buffering.

file  lineconsole.c [code]

Line-based console.

file  list.c [code]

Linked lists.

file  log.c [code]

System logger.

file  main.c [code]
file  malloc.c [code]

Dynamic memory allocation.

file  memmap_settings.c [code]

Memory map settings.

file  menu.c [code]

Menu selection.

file  monojob.c [code]

Single foreground job.

file  netbios.c [code]

NetBIOS user names.

file  null_acpi.c [code]
file  null_nap.c [code]
file  null_reboot.c [code]

Null reboot mechanism.

file  null_sanboot.c [code]
file  null_time.c [code]

Nonexistent time source.

file  nvo.c [code]

Non-volatile stored options.

file  open.c [code]

Data transfer interface opening.

file  params.c [code]

Form parameters.

file  parseopt.c [code]

Command line option parsing.

file  pc_kbd.c [code]
file  pcmcia.c [code]
file  pending.c [code]

Pending operations.

file  pinger.c [code]

ICMP ping sender.

file  pixbuf.c [code]

Pixel buffer.

file  pool.c [code]

Pooled connections.

file  posix_io.c [code]

POSIX-like I/O.

file  process.c [code]


file  profile.c [code]


file  quiesce.c [code]

Quiesce system.

file  random.c [code]

Random number generation.

file  refcnt.c [code]

Reference counting.

file  resolv.c [code]

Name resolution.

file  sanboot.c [code]

SAN booting.

file  serial.c [code]

Serial console.

file  settings.c [code]

Configuration settings.

file  string.c [code]

String functions.

file  stringextra.c [code]
file  time.c [code]

Date and time.

file  timer.c [code]
file  uart.c [code]

16550-compatible UART

file  uri.c [code]

Uniform Resource Identifiers.

file  uuid.c [code]

Universally unique IDs.

file  version.c [code]

Version number.

file  vsprintf.c [code]
file  wchar.c [code]

Wide-character strings.

file  xfer.c [code]

Data transfer interfaces.

file  xferbuf.c [code]

Data transfer buffer.