dumpregs.c File Reference
#include <stdio.h>
#include <realmode.h>

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void __asmcall _dump_regs (struct i386_all_regs *ix86)

Function Documentation

void __asmcall _dump_regs ( struct i386_all_regs ix86)

Definition at line 4 of file dumpregs.c.

References __asm__(), i386_seg_regs::cs, i386_seg_regs::ds, i386_regs::eax, i386_regs::ebp, i386_regs::ebx, i386_regs::ecx, i386_regs::edi, i386_regs::edx, i386_seg_regs::es, i386_regs::esi, i386_regs::esp, i386_seg_regs::fs, i386_seg_regs::gs, printf(), i386_all_regs::regs, i386_all_regs::segs, i386_seg_regs::ss, TEXT16_CODE, and VIRT_CALL.


        __asm__ __volatile__ (
                TEXT16_CODE ( ".globl dump_regs\n\t"
                              VIRT_CALL ( _dump_regs )
                              "ret\n\t" ) : );

        printf ( "EAX=%08x EBX=%08x ECX=%08x EDX=%08x\n"
                 "ESI=%08x EDI=%08x EBP=%08x ESP=%08x\n"
                 "CS=%04x SS=%04x DS=%04x ES=%04x FS=%04x GS=%04x\n",
                 ix86->regs.eax, ix86->regs.ebx, ix86->regs.ecx,
                 ix86->regs.edx, ix86->regs.esi, ix86->regs.edi,
                 ix86->regs.ebp, ix86->regs.esp,
                 ix86->segs.cs, ix86->segs.ss, ix86->segs.ds,
                 ix86->segs.es, ix86->segs.fs, ix86->segs.gs );