Data Fields
ehci_endpoint Struct Reference

An EHCI endpoint. More...

#include <ehci.h>

Data Fields

struct ehci_deviceehci
 EHCI device.
struct usb_endpointep
 USB endpoint.
struct list_head list
 List of all endpoints.
struct list_head schedule
 Endpoint schedule.
struct ehci_ring ring
 Transfer descriptor ring.

Detailed Description

An EHCI endpoint.

Definition at line 528 of file ehci.h.

Field Documentation

List of all endpoints.

Definition at line 534 of file ehci.h.

Referenced by ehci_bus_poll(), ehci_endpoint_close(), and ehci_endpoint_open().

Endpoint schedule.

Definition at line 536 of file ehci.h.

Referenced by ehci_async_add(), ehci_async_del(), ehci_periodic_add(), and ehci_periodic_del().

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