Data Fields
hmac_drbg_state Struct Reference

HMAC_DRBG internal state. More...

#include <hmac_drbg.h>

Data Fields

 Current value.
 Current key.
unsigned int reseed_counter
 Reseed counter.

Detailed Description

HMAC_DRBG internal state.

This structure is defined by ANS X9.82 Part 3-2007 Section (NIST SP 800-90 Section

The "administrative information" portions (security_strength and prediction_resistance) are design-time constants and so are not present as fields in this structure.

Definition at line 218 of file hmac_drbg.h.

Field Documentation

Current value.

"The value V of outlen bits, which is updated each time another outlen bits of output are produced"

Definition at line 224 of file hmac_drbg.h.

Referenced by hmac_drbg_generate(), hmac_drbg_instantiate(), hmac_drbg_update_key(), and hmac_drbg_update_value().

Current key.

"The outlen-bit Key, which is updated at least once each time that the DRBG mechanism generates pseudorandom bits."

Definition at line 230 of file hmac_drbg.h.

Referenced by hmac_drbg_instantiate(), hmac_drbg_update_key(), and hmac_drbg_update_value().

Reseed counter.

"A counter (reseed_counter) that indicates the number of requests for pseudorandom bits since instantiation or reseeding"

Definition at line 237 of file hmac_drbg.h.

Referenced by force_reseed_required(), hmac_drbg_generate(), and hmac_drbg_reseed().

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