Data Fields
int13_cdrom_specification Struct Reference

Bootable CD-ROM specification packet. More...

#include <int13.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t size
 Size of packet in bytes.
uint8_t media_type
 Boot media type.
uint8_t drive
 Drive number.
uint8_t controller
 CD-ROM controller number.
uint32_t lba
 LBA of disk image to emulate.
uint16_t device
 Device specification.
uint16_t cache_segment
 Segment of 3K buffer for caching CD-ROM reads.
uint16_t load_segment
 Load segment for initial boot image.
uint16_t load_sectors
 Number of 512-byte sectors to load.
uint8_t cyl
 Low 8 bits of cylinder number.
uint8_t cyl_sector
 Sector number, plus high 2 bits of cylinder number.
uint8_t head
 Head number.

Detailed Description

Bootable CD-ROM specification packet.

Definition at line 208 of file int13.h.

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