Data Fields
usb_hub Struct Reference

A USB hub. More...

#include <usb.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
struct usb_busbus
 USB bus.
struct usb_deviceusb
 Underlying USB device, if any.
unsigned int protocol
 Hub protocol.
unsigned int ports
 Number of ports.
struct list_head list
 List of hubs.
struct usb_hub_host_operationshost
 Host controller operations.
struct usb_hub_driver_operationsdriver
 Driver operations.
void * priv
 Driver private data.
struct usb_port port [0]
 Port list.

Detailed Description

A USB hub.

Definition at line 824 of file usb.h.

Field Documentation

const char* usb_hub::name


Definition at line 826 of file usb.h.

Referenced by alloc_usb(), alloc_usb_hub(), register_usb(), register_usb_hub(), and usb_hotplugged().

unsigned int usb_hub::protocol

Hub protocol.

Definition at line 832 of file usb.h.

Referenced by alloc_usb_hub(), hub_enable(), and hub_speed().

unsigned int usb_hub::ports

List of hubs.

Definition at line 837 of file usb.h.

Referenced by register_usb_hub(), and unregister_usb_hub().

Host controller operations.

Definition at line 840 of file usb.h.

Referenced by alloc_usb_hub(), register_usb_hub(), and unregister_usb_hub().

Driver private data.

Definition at line 844 of file usb.h.

Port list.

This must be the last field within the structure.

Definition at line 850 of file usb.h.

Referenced by alloc_usb_hub().

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