Data Fields
vmbus_packet_header Struct Reference

VMBus packet header. More...

#include <vmbus.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t type
uint16_t hdr_qlen
 Length of packet header (in quadwords)
uint16_t qlen
 Length of packet (in quadwords)
uint16_t flags
uint64_t xid
 Transaction ID.

Detailed Description

VMBus packet header.

Definition at line 266 of file vmbus.h.

Field Documentation

Length of packet header (in quadwords)

Definition at line 270 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_poll(), vmbus_send(), vmbus_send_cancellation(), vmbus_send_completion(), and vmbus_send_control().

Length of packet (in quadwords)

Definition at line 272 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_poll(), and vmbus_send().


Definition at line 274 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_send_cancellation(), vmbus_send_completion(), and vmbus_send_control().

Transaction ID.

This is an opaque token: we therefore treat it as native-endian and don't worry about byte-swapping.

Definition at line 280 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_poll(), vmbus_send_cancellation(), vmbus_send_completion(), and vmbus_send_control().

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