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fs.h File Reference
#include <stdint.h>

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#define DISK_IDE   1
#define DISK_MEM   2
#define DISK_USB   3
#define PARTITION_UNKNOWN   0xbad6a7
#define open_eltorito_image(x, y, z)   PARTITION_UNKNOWN


int devopen (const char *name, int *reopen)
int devread (unsigned long sector, unsigned long byte_offset, unsigned long byte_len, void *buf)
int file_open (const char *filename)
int file_read (void *buf, unsigned long len)
int file_seek (unsigned long offset)
unsigned long file_size (void)


int using_devsize

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#define DISK_IDE   1

Definition at line 18 of file fs.h.

#define DISK_MEM   2

Definition at line 19 of file fs.h.

#define DISK_USB   3

Definition at line 20 of file fs.h.

#define PARTITION_UNKNOWN   0xbad6a7

Definition at line 31 of file fs.h.

#define open_eltorito_image (   x,

Definition at line 36 of file fs.h.

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int devopen ( const char *  name,
int *  reopen 
int devread ( unsigned long  sector,
unsigned long  byte_offset,
unsigned long  byte_len,
void *  buf 
int file_open ( const char *  filename)
int file_read ( void *  buf,
unsigned long  len 
int file_seek ( unsigned long  offset)
unsigned long file_size ( void  )

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