POSIX error codes

The names and meanings (but not the values) of these error codes are defined by POSIX. More...


#define ENOERR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOERR )
 Operation completed successfully.
#define E2BIG   __einfo_error ( EINFO_E2BIG )
 Argument list too long.
#define EINFO_E2BIG
#define EACCES   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EACCES )
 Permission denied.
#define EADDRINUSE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EADDRINUSE )
 Address already in use.
 Address not available.
#define EAFNOSUPPORT   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EAFNOSUPPORT )
 Address family not supported.
#define EAGAIN   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EAGAIN )
 Resource temporarily unavailable.
#define EALREADY   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EALREADY )
 Connection already in progress.
#define EBADF   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EBADF )
 Bad file descriptor.
#define EBADMSG   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EBADMSG )
 Bad message.
#define EBUSY   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EBUSY )
 Device or resource busy.
#define ECANCELED   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ECANCELED )
 Operation canceled.
#define ECHILD   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ECHILD )
 No child processes.
#define ECONNABORTED   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ECONNABORTED )
 Connection aborted.
#define ECONNREFUSED   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ECONNREFUSED )
 Connection refused.
#define ECONNRESET   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ECONNRESET )
 Connection reset.
#define EDEADLK   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EDEADLK )
 Resource deadlock avoided.
#define EDESTADDRREQ   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EDESTADDRREQ )
 Destination address required.
#define EDOM   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EDOM )
 Mathematics argument out of domain of function.
#define EINFO_EDOM
#define EDQUOT   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EDQUOT )
 Disk quota exceeded.
#define EEXIST   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EEXIST )
 File exists.
#define EFAULT   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EFAULT )
 Bad address.
#define EFBIG   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EFBIG )
 File too large.
#define EHOSTUNREACH   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EHOSTUNREACH )
 Host is unreachable.
#define EIDRM   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EIDRM )
 Identifier removed.
#define EILSEQ   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EILSEQ )
 Illegal byte sequence.
#define EINPROGRESS   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EINPROGRESS )
 Operation in progress.
#define EINTR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EINTR )
 Interrupted function call.
#define EINVAL   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EINVAL )
 Invalid argument.
#define EIO   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EIO )
 Input/output error.
#define EINFO_EIO
#define EISCONN   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EISCONN )
 Socket is connected.
#define EISDIR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EISDIR )
 Is a directory.
#define ELOOP   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ELOOP )
 Too many levels of symbolic links.
#define EMFILE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EMFILE )
 Too many open files.
#define EMLINK   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EMLINK )
 Too many links.
#define EMSGSIZE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EMSGSIZE )
 Message too long.
#define EMULTIHOP   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EMULTIHOP )
 Multihop attempted.
#define ENAMETOOLONG   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENAMETOOLONG )
 Filename too long.
#define ENETDOWN   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENETDOWN )
 Network is down.
#define ENETRESET   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENETRESET )
 Connection aborted by network.
#define ENETUNREACH   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENETUNREACH )
 Network unreachable.
#define ENFILE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENFILE )
 Too many open files in system.
#define ENOBUFS   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOBUFS )
 No buffer space available.
#define ENODATA   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENODATA )
 No message is available on the STREAM head read queue.
#define ENODEV   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENODEV )
 No such device.
#define ENOENT   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOENT )
 No such file or directory.
#define ENOEXEC   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOEXEC )
 Exec format error.
#define ENOLCK   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOLCK )
 No locks available.
#define ENOLINK   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOLINK )
 Link has been severed.
#define ENOMEM   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOMEM )
 Not enough space.
#define ENOMSG   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOMSG )
 No message of the desired type.
#define ENOPROTOOPT   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOPROTOOPT )
 Protocol not available.
#define ENOSPC   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOSPC )
 No space left on device.
#define ENOSR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOSR )
 No STREAM resources.
#define ENOSTR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOSTR )
 Not a STREAM.
#define ENOSYS   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOSYS )
 Function not implemented.
#define ENOTCONN   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOTCONN )
 The socket is not connected.
#define ENOTDIR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOTDIR )
 Not a directory.
#define ENOTEMPTY   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOTEMPTY )
 Directory not empty.
#define ENOTSOCK   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOTSOCK )
 Not a socket.
#define ENOTSUP   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOTSUP )
 Operation not supported.
#define ENOTTY   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOTTY )
 Inappropriate I/O control operation.
#define ENXIO   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENXIO )
 No such device or address.
#define EOPNOTSUPP   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EOPNOTSUPP )
 Operation not supported on socket.
#define EOVERFLOW   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EOVERFLOW )
 Value too large to be stored in data type.
#define EPERM   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EPERM )
 Operation not permitted.
#define EPIPE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EPIPE )
 Broken pipe.
#define EPROTO   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EPROTO )
 Protocol error.
 Protocol not supported.
#define EPROTOTYPE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EPROTOTYPE )
 Protocol wrong type for socket.
#define ERANGE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ERANGE )
 Result too large.
#define EROFS   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EROFS )
 Read-only file system.
#define ESPIPE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ESPIPE )
 Invalid seek.
#define ESRCH   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ESRCH )
 No such process.
#define ESTALE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ESTALE )
 Stale file handle.
#define ETIME   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ETIME )
 Timer expired.
#define ETIMEDOUT   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ETIMEDOUT )
 Connection timed out.
#define ETXTBSY   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ETXTBSY )
 Text file busy.
#define EWOULDBLOCK   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EWOULDBLOCK )
 Operation would block.
#define EXDEV   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EXDEV )
 Improper link.

Detailed Description

The names and meanings (but not the values) of these error codes are defined by POSIX.

Define Documentation

#define ENOERR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOERR )

Operation completed successfully.

Definition at line 288 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOERR, 0x00, 0, \
                               "Operation completed successfully" )

Definition at line 289 of file errno.h.

#define E2BIG   __einfo_error ( EINFO_E2BIG )

Argument list too long.

Definition at line 293 of file errno.h.

#define EINFO_E2BIG
__einfo ( PLATFORM_E2BIG, 0x01, 0, \
                              "Argument list too long" )

Definition at line 294 of file errno.h.

#define EACCES   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EACCES )
__einfo ( PLATFORM_EACCES, 0x02, 0, \
                               "Permission denied" )

Definition at line 299 of file errno.h.

Address already in use.

Definition at line 303 of file errno.h.

Referenced by aoecmd_new_tag(), ping_port_available(), register_sandev(), srp_new_tag(), tcp_port_available(), tcpip_bind(), and udp_port_available().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EADDRINUSE, 0x03, 0, \
                                   "Address already in use" )

Definition at line 304 of file errno.h.

Address not available.

Definition at line 308 of file errno.h.

Referenced by ath9k_hw_init_macaddr(), nv_setup_mac_addr(), pcnet32_setup_mac_addr(), and virtnet_probe_modern().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EADDRNOTAVAIL, 0x04, 0, \
                                      "Address not available" )

Definition at line 309 of file errno.h.

Address family not supported.

Definition at line 313 of file errno.h.

Referenced by comboot_resolv(), and tcpip_tx().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EAFNOSUPPORT, 0x05, 0, \
                                     "Address family not supported" )

Definition at line 314 of file errno.h.

#define EAGAIN   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EAGAIN )
__einfo ( PLATFORM_EAGAIN, 0x06, 0, \
                               "Resource temporarily unavailable" )

Definition at line 319 of file errno.h.

Connection already in progress.

Definition at line 323 of file errno.h.

Referenced by ib_cm_rejection_reason_to_rc(), register_usb(), and usb_endpoint_open().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EALREADY, 0x07, 0, \
                                 "Connection already in progress" )

Definition at line 324 of file errno.h.

#define EBADF   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EBADF )

Bad file descriptor.

Definition at line 328 of file errno.h.

Referenced by close(), fsize(), read_user(), and select().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EBADF, 0x08, 0, \
                              "Bad file descriptor" )

Definition at line 329 of file errno.h.

Bad message.

Definition at line 333 of file errno.h.

Referenced by efx_hunt_receive().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EBADMSG, 0x09, 0, \
                                "Bad message" )

Definition at line 334 of file errno.h.

#define EBUSY   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EBUSY )
__einfo ( PLATFORM_EBUSY, 0x0a, 0, \
                              "Device or resource busy" )

Definition at line 339 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ECANCELED, 0x0b, 0, \
                                  "Operation canceled" )

Definition at line 344 of file errno.h.

#define ECHILD   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ECHILD )

No child processes.

Definition at line 348 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ECHILD, 0x0c, 0, \
                               "No child processes" )

Definition at line 349 of file errno.h.

Connection aborted.

Definition at line 353 of file errno.h.

Referenced by dns_xfer_close().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ECONNABORTED, 0x0d, 0, \
                                     "Connection aborted" )

Definition at line 354 of file errno.h.

Connection refused.

Definition at line 358 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ECONNREFUSED, 0x0e, 0, \
                                     "Connection refused" )

Definition at line 359 of file errno.h.

Connection reset.

Definition at line 363 of file errno.h.

Referenced by iscsi_close(), nfs_done(), sandev_reopen(), and tcp_rx_rst().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ECONNRESET, 0x0f, 0, \
                                   "Connection reset" )

Definition at line 364 of file errno.h.

Resource deadlock avoided.

Definition at line 368 of file errno.h.

Referenced by hunt_mcdi_request_poll().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EDEADLK, 0x10, 0, \
                                "Resource deadlock avoided" )

Definition at line 369 of file errno.h.

Destination address required.

Definition at line 373 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EDESTADDRREQ, 0x11, 0, \
                                     "Destination address required" )

Definition at line 374 of file errno.h.

#define EDOM   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EDOM )

Mathematics argument out of domain of function.

Definition at line 378 of file errno.h.

#define EINFO_EDOM
__einfo ( PLATFORM_EDOM, 0x12, 0, \
                             "Mathematics argument out of domain of function" )

Definition at line 379 of file errno.h.

#define EDQUOT   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EDQUOT )

Disk quota exceeded.

Definition at line 383 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EDQUOT, 0x13, 0, \
                               "Disk quote exceeded" )

Definition at line 384 of file errno.h.

#define EEXIST   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EEXIST )

File exists.

Definition at line 388 of file errno.h.

Referenced by register_netdev().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EEXIST, 0x14, 0, \
                               "File exists" )

Definition at line 389 of file errno.h.

#define EFAULT   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EFAULT )

Bad address.

Definition at line 393 of file errno.h.

Referenced by ath5k_hw_write_ofdm_timings(), golan_mcast_attach(), inject_fault_nonzero(), and net80211_netdev_open().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EFAULT, 0x15, 0, \
                               "Bad address" )

Definition at line 394 of file errno.h.

#define EFBIG   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EFBIG )

File too large.

Definition at line 398 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EFBIG, 0x16, 0, \
                              "File too large" )

Definition at line 399 of file errno.h.

Host is unreachable.

Definition at line 403 of file errno.h.

Referenced by ibft_fill_target_nic_association().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EHOSTUNREACH, 0x17, 0, \
                                     "Host is unreachable" )

Definition at line 404 of file errno.h.

#define EIDRM   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EIDRM )

Identifier removed.

Definition at line 408 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EIDRM, 0x18, 0, \
                              "Identifier removed" )

Definition at line 409 of file errno.h.

#define EILSEQ   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EILSEQ )

Illegal byte sequence.

Definition at line 413 of file errno.h.

Referenced by ena_admin().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EILSEQ, 0x19, 0, \
                               "Illegal byte sequence" )

Definition at line 414 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EINPROGRESS, 0x1a, 0, \
                                    "Operation in progress" )

Definition at line 419 of file errno.h.

#define EINTR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EINTR )

Interrupted function call.

Definition at line 423 of file errno.h.

Referenced by hunt_mcdi_request_poll().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EINTR, 0x1b, 0, \
                              "Interrupted function call" )

Definition at line 424 of file errno.h.

#define EINVAL   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EINVAL )

Invalid argument.

Definition at line 428 of file errno.h.

Referenced by a3c90x_probe(), a3c90x_process_rx_packets(), acm_intr_complete(), aes_setkey(), ansicol_define(), ansicol_define_pair(), aoe_parse_uri(), aoe_rx(), aoecmd_ata_rsp(), aoecmd_cfg_rsp(), aoecmd_rx(), ar5008_hw_process_ini(), ar5008_hw_set_channel(), ar9003_hw_process_ini(), arbel_complete(), arp_rx(), atadev_command(), ath5k_eeprom_free_pcal_info(), ath5k_eeprom_init_11bg_2413(), ath5k_eeprom_read_mac(), ath5k_eeprom_read_pcal_info_2413(), ath5k_eeprom_read_pcal_info_5111(), ath5k_eeprom_read_pcal_info_5112(), ath5k_eeprom_read_target_rate_pwr_info(), ath5k_hw_channel(), ath5k_hw_get_capability(), ath5k_hw_nic_wakeup(), ath5k_hw_reset(), ath5k_hw_rf2425_channel(), ath5k_hw_rf5111_chan2athchan(), ath5k_hw_rf5112_channel(), ath5k_hw_rfgain_init(), ath5k_hw_rfgain_opt_init(), ath5k_hw_rfregs_init(), ath5k_hw_set_ack_timeout(), ath5k_hw_set_cts_timeout(), ath5k_hw_set_gpio(), ath5k_hw_set_gpio_input(), ath5k_hw_set_gpio_output(), ath5k_hw_set_slot_time(), ath5k_hw_setup_2word_tx_desc(), ath5k_hw_setup_4word_tx_desc(), ath5k_hw_setup_rx_desc(), ath5k_hw_txpower(), ath5k_hw_write_initvals(), ath5k_hw_write_ofdm_timings(), ath5k_rxbuf_setup(), ath5k_setup_channel_powertable(), ath9k_config(), ath9k_hw_4k_check_eeprom(), ath9k_hw_ar9287_check_eeprom(), ath9k_hw_def_check_eeprom(), ath9k_hw_fill_cap_info(), ath9k_hw_process_rxdesc_edma(), ath9k_hw_reset(), ath9k_process_rate(), ath9k_rx_iob_preprocess(), atl1e_setup_ring_resources(), atl1e_xmit_frame(), axge_in_complete(), axge_intr_complete(), b44_process_rx_packets(), base64_decode(), ccmp_init(), ccmp_kie_decrypt(), cpuid_supported(), create_pinger(), create_validator(), deflate_alphabet(), deflate_inflate(), dhcp_deliver(), dhcpv6_check_duid(), dhcpv6_iaaddr(), dhcpv6_rx(), dhcpv6_status_code(), dm96xx_in_complete(), dm96xx_intr_complete(), dns_compare(), dns_copy(), dns_decode(), dns_encode(), dns_label(), dns_question(), dns_skip(), dns_xfer_deliver(), drbg_generate(), drbg_reseed(), eapol_key_rx(), eapol_rx(), ecm_fetch_mac(), ecm_intr_complete(), ecm_probe(), efi_block_rw(), efi_snp_hii_store(), efi_snp_transmit(), eth_pull(), eth_slow_marker_rx(), eth_slow_rx(), execv(), falcon_probe_nvram(), falcon_spi_rw(), fbcon_init(), fc_aton(), fc_els_echo_detect(), fc_els_flogi_detect(), fc_els_flogi_rx(), fc_els_logo_detect(), fc_els_logo_rx_request(), fc_els_plogi_detect(), fc_els_plogi_rx(), fc_els_prli_detect(), fc_els_prli_rx(), fc_els_rtv_detect(), fc_els_rx(), fc_id_aton(), fc_ns_query_deliver(), fc_port_deliver(), fcoe_fip_parse(), fcoe_fip_rx_advertisement(), fcoe_fip_rx_els_response(), fcoe_fip_rx_vlan(), fcp_parse_uri(), fdt_traverse(), flexboot_nodnic_alloc_uar(), flexboot_nodnic_complete(), flexboot_nodnic_probe(), forcedeth_map_regs(), format_ipv4_setting(), format_ipv6_setting(), ftp_check_string(), ftp_open(), golan_complete(), golan_create_qp(), golan_create_qp_aux(), golan_ib_open(), golan_init_fw_areas(), golan_probe(), golan_qp_type_to_st(), hermon_complete(), hermon_set_port_type(), hex_decode(), hfa384x_prepare_bap(), http_connect(), http_digest_authenticate(), hub_probe(), hunt_mcdi_request_poll(), ib_link_rc(), ib_mi_send(), ib_post_recv(), ib_pull(), ib_srp_open_uri(), ibft_fill_target_nic_association(), icmp_rx_echo_reply(), icmp_rx_echo_request(), icmpv4_rx(), icmpv6_rx(), ifec_pci_probe(), ifec_rx_process(), ifec_tx_process(), igbvf_process_rx_packets(), inet6_aton(), int13con_find(), ipoib_transmit(), ipv4_rx(), ipv4_sock_aton(), iscsi_socket_deliver(), iscsi_status_to_rc(), iwlist(), jme_process_receive(), linda_init_recv(), linda_post_recv(), line_buffer(), loopback_wait(), meme820(), mount_get_mnt_reply(), multiboot_load_raw(), ncm_in_complete(), ncm_intr_complete(), ncm_probe(), ndp_fetch(), ndp_prefix_fetch_ip6(), ndp_rx_neighbour_advertisement_ll_target(), ndp_rx_neighbour_solicitation_ll_source(), ndp_rx_options(), ndp_rx_router_advertisement_ll_source(), ndp_rx_router_advertisement_prefix(), net80211_send_disassoc(), netdev_store_mac(), netvsc_initialised(), netvsc_recv_data(), netvsc_rx_established_buffer(), nfs_connect(), nfs_deliver(), nfs_get_lookup_reply(), nfs_get_read_reply(), nfs_get_readlink_reply(), nfs_parse_uri(), nfs_uri_init(), nfs_uri_symlink(), ntlm_challenge(), nv_process_rx_packets(), ocsp_parse_response_status(), oncrpc_call(), oncrpc_get_reply(), oncrpc_init_cred_sys(), parse_fc_port_id(), parse_int_setting(), parse_ipv4_setting(), parse_settings(), pcnet32_process_rx_packets(), phantom_clp_cmd(), phantom_map_crb(), png_image_end(), png_image_header(), png_pixbuf(), pnm_ascii(), pnm_binary(), pnm_data(), pnm_pixbuf(), pnm_scale(), portmap_get_getport_reply(), prep_segment(), process_script(), qib7322_init_recv(), qib7322_post_recv(), register_fdt(), rndis_rx(), rndis_rx_data(), rndis_rx_initialise(), rndis_rx_query_oid(), rndis_rx_set_oid(), rndis_rx_status(), rndis_tx_complete_err(), rsa_decrypt(), rsa_parse_integer(), rtl818x_config(), scsi_parse_lun(), sec80211_detect_ie(), sis190_process_tx(), sis190_transmit(), skge_up(), sky2_receive(), slam_mc_socket_deliver(), slam_open(), slam_parse_multicast_address(), slam_pull_header(), slam_pull_value(), slam_socket_deliver(), smsc75xx_in_complete(), smsc95xx_in_complete(), smsc95xx_vm3_fetch_mac(), sock_aton(), srp_login_rej(), srp_login_rsp(), srp_rsp(), srpdev_deliver(), start_pxebs(), stp_rx(), tcp_open_uri(), tcp_rx(), tcp_rx_ack(), tcp_rx_opts(), tftp_core_open(), tftp_presize(), tftp_rx(), tftp_rx_data(), tftp_rx_error(), tftp_rx_oack(), tg3_get_device_address(), tg3_nvram_read(), tg3_nvram_read_using_eeprom(), tg3_rx_complete(), tkip_init(), trivial_change_key(), trivial_init(), udp_open_uri(), udp_rx(), undinet_poll(), undirom_parse_pcirheader(), undirom_parse_pxeromid(), undirom_probe(), usb_config_descriptor(), usb_used(), usbhid_describe(), usbio_config(), usbio_path(), validator_start_download(), velocity_poll_rx(), velocity_poll_tx(), velocity_reset(), vesafb_mode_list(), virtio_pci_map_capability(), virtnet_open_modern(), virtnet_probe_modern(), vlan_create(), vlan_rx(), vmbus_poll(), vmbus_wait_for_any_message(), vpm_find_vqs(), vxge_hw_vpath_poll_rx(), vxge_probe(), vxge_xmit_compl(), wpa_handle_1_of_2(), wpa_handle_1_of_4(), wpa_handle_3_of_4(), wpa_make_rsn_ie(), wpa_maybe_install_gtk(), wpa_start(), x509_check_ipaddress(), x509_parse_basic_constraints(), and xenstore_read_num().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EINVAL, 0x1c, 0, \
                               "Invalid argument" )

Definition at line 429 of file errno.h.

#define EIO   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EIO )

Input/output error.

Definition at line 433 of file errno.h.

Referenced by __ath9k_hw_init(), __gm_phy_read(), alaska_init(), aoecmd_ata_rsp(), aoecmd_rx(), apm_poweroff(), ar5008_hw_process_ini(), ar9003_hw_proc_txdesc(), arbel_cmd(), arbel_complete(), arbel_mad(), ath5k_handle_rx(), ath5k_hw_eeprom_read(), ath5k_hw_nic_wakeup(), ath5k_hw_set_bssid_mask(), ath5k_hw_set_tx_queueprops(), ath5k_hw_set_txdp(), ath5k_hw_start_tx_dma(), ath5k_hw_stop_tx_dma(), ath5k_hw_update_tx_triglevel(), ath5k_hw_wake(), ath5k_probe(), ath5k_tx_processq(), ath5k_txq_setup(), ath9k_hw_eeprom_init(), ath9k_hw_reset(), ath9k_start(), ath_pci_probe(), ath_set_channel(), ath_tx_complete(), atl1e_clean_rx_irq(), atl1e_probe(), atl1e_up(), axge_in_complete(), bnx2_fw_sync(), bnx2_init_board(), dm96xx_in_complete(), dm96xx_reset(), ena_admin(), eoib_complete_recv(), falcon_gmii_wait(), falcon_probe_spi(), fc_els_echo_rx_response(), flexboot_nodnic_complete(), gm_phy_write(), guestinfo_fetch_type(), guestrpc_command(), hermon_cmd(), hermon_complete(), hermon_mad(), hunt_mcdi_request_poll(), hunt_probe(), hunt_rx_filter_insert(), i2c_send_byte(), ib_cm_req_complete(), ib_cmrc_xfer_deliver(), icplus_poll_rx(), igbvf_probe(), int13_load_eltorito(), int13_load_mbr(), int13con_rw(), intel_poll_rx(), intelxl_admin_command(), intelxl_enable_ring(), intelxl_poll_rx(), intelxlvf_admin_command(), ipoib_complete_recv(), iscsi_rx_login_response(), iscsi_rx_scsi_response(), jme_reload_eeprom(), jme_tx_clean(), linda_complete_recv(), linda_ib_epb_wait(), linda_verify_uc_ram(), mdio_clause45_check_mmds(), mount_get_mnt_reply(), myri10ge_command(), myson_poll_rx(), myson_poll_tx(), natsemi_poll_rx(), natsemi_poll_tx(), nfs_get_lookup_reply(), nfs_get_read_reply(), nfs_get_readlink_reply(), nvs_verify(), peerblk_done(), phantom_clp_cmd(), phantom_init_cmdpeg(), phantom_map_crb(), phantom_wait_for_cmd(), pnic_poll(), pnic_probe(), qib7322_complete_recv(), rdtsc_probe(), realtek_legacy_poll_rx(), realtek_poll_rx(), rhine_check_link(), rhine_poll(), rhine_poll_rx(), rhine_poll_tx(), rndis_rx_initialise(), rndis_rx_query_oid(), rndis_rx_set_oid(), rtl818x_handle_rx(), rtl818x_handle_tx(), sfe4001_init(), sis190_get_mac_addr_from_apc(), sis190_get_mac_addr_from_eeprom(), sis190_init_board(), sis190_mii_probe(), skge_rx_done(), sky2_receive(), smsc75xx_in_complete(), smsc95xx_in_complete(), tg3_get_invariants(), txnic_complete_rqe(), txnic_complete_sqe(), uhci_endpoint_poll(), vmxnet3_open(), vxge_xmit(), xenstore_response(), and xm_phy_write().

#define EINFO_EIO
__einfo ( PLATFORM_EIO, 0x1d, 0, \
                            "Input/output error" )

Definition at line 434 of file errno.h.

Socket is connected.

Definition at line 438 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EISCONN, 0x1e, 0, \
                                "Socket is connected" )

Definition at line 439 of file errno.h.

#define EISDIR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EISDIR )

Is a directory.

Definition at line 443 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EISDIR, 0x1f, 0, \
                               "Is a directory" )

Definition at line 444 of file errno.h.

#define ELOOP   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ELOOP )

Too many levels of symbolic links.

Definition at line 448 of file errno.h.

Referenced by dns_xfer_deliver().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ELOOP, 0x20, 0, \
                              "Too many levels of symbolic links" )

Definition at line 449 of file errno.h.

#define EMFILE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EMFILE )

Too many open files.

Definition at line 453 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EMFILE, 0x21, 0, \
                               "Too many open files" )

Definition at line 454 of file errno.h.

#define EMLINK   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EMLINK )

Too many links.

Definition at line 458 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EMLINK, 0x22, 0, \
                               "Too many links" )

Definition at line 459 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EMSGSIZE, 0x23, 0, \
                                 "Message too long" )

Definition at line 464 of file errno.h.

Multihop attempted.

Definition at line 468 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EMULTIHOP, 0x24, 0, \
                                  "Multihop attempted" )

Definition at line 469 of file errno.h.

Filename too long.

Definition at line 473 of file errno.h.

Referenced by mount_get_mnt_reply(), and nfs_get_lookup_reply().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENAMETOOLONG, 0x25, 0, \
                                     "Filename too long" )

Definition at line 474 of file errno.h.

Network is down.

Definition at line 478 of file errno.h.

Referenced by flexboot_nodnic_post_send(), and vxge_xmit().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENETDOWN, 0x26, 0, \
                                 "Network is down" )

Definition at line 479 of file errno.h.

Connection aborted by network.

Definition at line 483 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENETRESET, 0x27, 0, \
                                  "Connection aborted by network" )

Definition at line 484 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENETUNREACH, 0x28, 0, \
                                    "Network unreachable" )

Definition at line 489 of file errno.h.

#define ENFILE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENFILE )

Too many open files in system.

Definition at line 493 of file errno.h.

Referenced by arbel_bitmask_alloc(), hermon_bitmask_alloc(), and posix_find_free_fd().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENFILE, 0x29, 0, \
                               "Too many open files in system" )

Definition at line 494 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOBUFS, 0x2a, 0, \
                                "No buffer space available" )

Definition at line 499 of file errno.h.

No message is available on the STREAM head read queue.

Definition at line 503 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENODATA, 0x2b, 0, \
                                "No message is available on the STREAM " \
                                "head read queue" )

Definition at line 504 of file errno.h.

#define ENODEV   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENODEV )

No such device.

Definition at line 509 of file errno.h.

Referenced by aoe_open(), ath5k_hw_get_isr(), ath9k_hw_post_init(), autoboot(), b44_phy_reset(), b44_wait_bit(), bnx2_init_board(), bnx2_init_nvram(), bnx2_reset_chip(), efi_block_boot(), efi_block_hook(), efi_find_smbios(), efi_image_exec(), efi_snp_hii_fetch(), efi_snp_hii_store(), ehci_probe(), ehci_root_enable(), ena_probe(), exanic_init_eeprom(), exanic_probe(), fcels_exec(), find_smbios_entry(), hv_check_features(), hv_check_hv(), hv_timer_probe(), hvm_cpuid_base(), hvm_map_grant(), hvm_map_xenstore(), ib_cm_rejection_reason_to_rc(), ib_pull(), ib_srp_open_uri(), icplus_probe(), ifcommon_exec(), int13_device_path_info(), intel_probe(), intelx_probe(), intelxl_probe(), intelxlvf_probe(), intelxvf_probe(), ipv6_sock_aton(), iscsi_status_to_rc(), legacy_probe(), linda_init_i2c(), myson_probe(), natsemi_probe(), nbi_prepare_dhcp(), neighbour_flush(), nii_start(), null_open(), null_transmit(), nv_setup_phy(), parse_fc_port(), parse_netdev(), parse_setting_name(), pci_find_next(), pci_read_config(), pcnet32_chip_detect(), pcnet32_set_ops(), pxe_exec(), qib7322_init_i2c(), realtek_init_eeprom(), realtek_probe(), sandev_reopen(), skeleton_probe(), smscusb_eeprom_fetch_mac(), smscusb_otp_fetch_mac(), tg3_abort_hw(), tg3_do_test_dma(), tg3_nvram_lock(), tg3_phy_probe(), tg3_poll_fw(), tg3_reset_hw(), tg3_stop_block(), tg3_test_dma(), txnic_bgx_probe(), txnic_pf_probe(), uart_exists(), uart_select(), uhci_probe(), undibus_probe(), undipci_probe(), usb_message(), usb_stream(), virtnet_probe_modern(), vlan_netdev_rx(), vmxnet3_poll_events(), vmxnet3_probe(), vxge_device_register(), vxge_probe(), xhci_probe(), xsigo_xcm_complete(), and xsigo_xds_complete().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENODEV, 0x2c, 0, \
                               "No such device" )

Definition at line 510 of file errno.h.

#define ENOENT   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOENT )

No such file or directory.

Definition at line 514 of file errno.h.

Referenced by acpi_poweroff(), acpi_settings_fetch(), acpi_sx(), acpi_sx_zsdt(), acpi_timer_probe(), aoe_rx(), asn1_skip_if_exists(), bofm_find_driver(), builtin_fetch(), cert_exec(), cms_parse_signer_identifier(), cpuid_exec(), dhcpv6_check_duid(), dhcpv6_fetch(), dhcpv6_fetch_lease(), dhcpv6_iaaddr(), dns_compare(), eapol_key_rx(), efi_block_boot(), efi_local_check_volume_name(), efi_local_open_volume(), efi_usb_get_endpoint_descriptor(), efi_usb_get_interface_descriptor(), efi_usb_mtu(), efifb_glyphs(), efifb_select_mode(), efipci_root(), fdt_alias(), fdt_traverse(), fetch_setting(), find_dhcp_option_with_encap(), find_smbios_structure(), gdbmach_find(), generic_settings_fetch(), goto_find_label(), guestinfo_fetch(), hunt_mcdi_request_poll(), ib_resolve_path(), imgmulti_exec(), int13con_find(), intel_fetch_mac(), intelx_fetch_mac(), intelx_try_fetch_mac(), intelxl_admin_switch(), intelxl_fetch_mac(), ipv4_arp_check(), ipv6_fetch(), isapnp_find_tag(), isset_exec(), linda_alloc_ctx(), memmap_settings_fetch(), mii_find(), mount_get_mnt_reply(), ndp_fetch(), ndp_prefix_fetch(), ndp_prefix_fetch_gateway6(), ndp_prefix_fetch_ip6(), neighbour_update(), net80211_change_channel(), netdev_fetch_bustype(), nfs_get_lookup_reply(), nfs_get_read_reply(), nfs_uri_next_mountpoint(), parse_fc_els_handler(), parse_menu(), parse_parameters(), pci_find_driver(), pci_msix_enable(), pci_vpd_find(), pci_vpd_find_tag(), pciea_offset(), peerblk_parse_block(), peerdist_discovery_reply(), pem_marker(), qib7322_alloc_ctx(), read_smbios_string(), show_menu(), srp_rsp(), t509_find_id_port(), tftp_errcode_to_rc(), tg3_init_one(), usb_alloc_address(), usb_describe(), usb_endpoint_described(), usb_probe(), usbio_config(), usbio_interface(), usbnet_comms_describe(), usbnet_data_describe(), vesafb_select_mode(), virtnet_open_legacy(), virtnet_open_modern(), vmbus_xfer_page_iobufs(), vmware_present(), vpm_find_vqs(), wpa_handle_3_of_4(), wpa_maybe_install_gtk(), wpa_start(), x509_check_dnsname(), x509_check_ipaddress(), x509_check_root(), xferbuf_read(), xhci_port_psiv(), and xsmp_rx_xve_modify().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOENT, 0x2d, 0, \
                               "No such file or directory" )

Definition at line 515 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOEXEC, 0x2e, 0, \
                                "Exec format error" )

Definition at line 520 of file errno.h.

#define ENOLCK   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOLCK )

No locks available.

Definition at line 524 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOLCK, 0x2f, 0, \
                               "No locks available" )

Definition at line 525 of file errno.h.

Link has been severed.

Definition at line 529 of file errno.h.

Referenced by jme_free_tx_buffers().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOLINK, 0x30, 0, \
                                "Link has been severed" )

Definition at line 530 of file errno.h.

#define ENOMEM   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOMEM )

Not enough space.

Definition at line 534 of file errno.h.

Referenced by a3c90x_probe(), a3c90x_setup_rx_ring(), a3c90x_setup_tx_ring(), acm_control_receive(), acm_probe(), add_ipv4_miniroute(), add_tls(), aoecmd_tx(), aoedev_ata_command(), aoedev_cfg_command(), aoedev_open(), arbel_alloc_icm(), arbel_create_cq(), arbel_create_eq(), arbel_create_qp(), arbel_create_recv_wq(), arbel_create_send_wq(), arbel_probe(), arbel_start_firmware(), arp_tx_request(), asn1_grow(), ata_open(), atadev_command(), ath5k_desc_alloc(), ath5k_eeprom_convert_pcal_info_2413(), ath5k_eeprom_convert_pcal_info_5111(), ath5k_eeprom_convert_pcal_info_5112(), ath5k_hw_attach(), ath5k_hw_rfregs_init(), ath5k_probe(), ath5k_rxbuf_setup(), ath9k_init_softc(), ath_descdma_setup(), ath_pci_probe(), ath_rx_init(), ath_tx_start(), atl1e_probe(), atl1e_setup_ring_resources(), axge_in_complete(), axge_probe(), b44_init_rx_ring(), b44_init_tx_ring(), b44_probe(), bitmap_resize(), block_translate(), chap_init(), cmdline_init(), cms_parse(), cms_parse_signature_value(), cms_signature(), create_downloader(), create_pinger(), create_validator(), der_asn1(), dhcp_deliver(), dhcp_tx(), dhcpv6_register(), dhcpv6_rx(), dhcpv6_tx(), dm96xx_probe(), dns_resolv(), dummy_san_hook(), echo_exec(), ecm_probe(), efab_alloc_resources(), efab_fill_rx_queue(), efab_probe(), efi_block_boot_image(), efi_block_hook(), efi_block_install(), efi_image_exec(), efi_local_check_volume_name(), efi_local_len(), efi_local_open(), efi_local_open_path(), efi_local_step(), efi_pxe_install(), efi_pxe_udp_write(), efi_snp_hii_append(), efi_snp_hii_fetch(), efi_snp_hii_install(), efi_snp_hii_process(), efi_snp_hii_store(), efi_snp_probe(), efi_snp_transmit(), efi_usb_install(), efi_usb_open(), efi_usb_probe(), efi_usb_sync_transfer(), efifb_glyphs(), efipci_start(), efx_hunt_ev_init(), efx_hunt_rx_init(), efx_hunt_tx_init(), ehci_bus_open(), ehci_endpoint_open(), ehci_probe(), ehci_ring_alloc(), eisabus_probe(), ena_create_admin(), ena_create_cq(), ena_create_sq(), ena_probe(), eoib_create(), eoib_duplicate(), exanic_probe(), exanic_probe_port(), expand_tokens(), fbcon_init(), fbcon_picture_init(), fc_els_plogi_rx(), fc_els_prli_rx(), fc_els_prli_tx(), fc_els_request(), fc_els_respond(), fc_ns_query(), fc_port_deliver(), fc_port_open(), fc_ulp_login(), fc_xchg_originate(), fcoe_fip_tx_keepalive(), fcoe_fip_tx_solicitation(), fcoe_fip_tx_vlan(), fcoe_probe(), fcpcmd_send_cmnd(), fcpcmd_send_wrdata(), fcpdev_open(), fcpdev_scsi_command(), fetch_setting_alloc(), fetchf_setting_copy(), forcedeth_map_regs(), forcedeth_probe(), ftp_open(), generic_settings_store(), golan_cmd_init(), golan_create_cq(), golan_create_eq(), golan_create_qp_aux(), golan_post_recv(), golan_post_send(), golan_probe_normal(), golan_provide_pages(), guestinfo_fetch_type(), guestinfo_net_probe(), hermon_bofm_probe(), hermon_create_cq(), hermon_create_eq(), hermon_create_qp(), hermon_map_icm(), hermon_probe(), hermon_start_firmware(), http_connect(), http_format_ntlm_auth(), http_open(), http_open_post_uri(), http_parse_ntlm_auth(), http_redirect(), http_rx_chunk_data(), http_tx_request(), hub_probe(), hunt_mcdi_init(), hunt_probe(), hv_alloc_message(), hv_alloc_pages(), hv_probe(), hvm_map_hypercall(), hvm_map_shared_info(), hvm_probe(), hw_open(), ib_cmrc_open(), ib_cmrc_xfer_deliver(), ib_create_cq(), ib_create_mi(), ib_create_qp(), ib_mcast_attach(), ib_mcast_join(), ib_mi_send(), ib_resolve_path(), ib_srp_open(), ibft_install(), icplus_create_ring(), icplus_probe(), ifec_get_rx_desc(), ifec_net_open(), ifec_pci_probe(), ifec_tx_setup(), igbvf_probe(), igbvf_refill_rx_ring(), igbvf_setup_rx_resources(), igbvf_setup_tx_resources(), image_set_cmdline(), image_set_name(), imgdownload(), imgdownload_string(), imgsingle_exec(), initrd_init(), int13_hook(), intel_create_ring(), intel_probe(), intelx_probe(), intelxl_alloc_admin(), intelxl_alloc_ring(), intelxl_probe(), intelxlvf_probe(), intelxvf_probe(), ipoib_map_remac(), ipoib_probe(), ipv6_add_miniroute(), ipv6_register_settings(), ipv6_sock_aton(), isabus_probe(), isapnpbus_probe(), iscsi_fetch_settings(), iscsi_handle_targetaddress_value(), iscsi_open(), iscsi_parse_root_path(), iscsi_rx_buffered_data(), iscsi_scsi_command(), iscsi_tx_data_out(), iscsi_tx_login_request(), item_exec(), iwlist(), jme_alloc_rx_resources(), jme_alloc_tx_resources(), jme_make_new_rx_buf(), jme_probe(), lan78xx_probe(), legacy_probe(), linda_create_recv_wq(), linda_init_send(), linda_probe(), line_buffer(), loopback_test(), mcabus_probe(), menu_exec(), myri10ge_net_open(), myri10ge_pci_probe(), myson_create_ring(), myson_probe(), natsemi_create_ring(), natsemi_probe(), ncm_in_complete(), ncm_in_prefill(), ncm_probe(), ndp_register_settings(), ndp_tx_ll_addr(), neighbour_define(), neighbour_tx(), net80211_netdev_transmit(), net80211_prepare_assoc(), net80211_register(), net80211_step_associate(), netfront_create_ring(), netfront_probe(), netvsc_create_buffer(), netvsc_probe(), nfs_deliver(), nfs_open(), nfs_parse_uri(), nfs_uri_init(), nfs_uri_next_mountpoint(), nfs_uri_symlink(), nii_initialise_flags(), nii_start(), numeric_resolv(), nv_init_rings(), nvo_realloc(), ocsp_check(), ocsp_response(), ocsp_uri_string(), oncrpc_init_cred_sys(), open(), param_exec(), params_exec(), pci_vpd_resize(), pcibus_probe(), pcnet32_probe(), pcnet32_setup_rx_resources(), pcnet32_setup_tx_resources(), peerblk_decrypt(), peerblk_open(), peerblk_parse_header(), peerblk_retrieval_open(), peerdisc_discovered(), peerdisc_open(), peermux_filter(), pem_asn1(), phantom_create_rx_ctx(), phantom_create_tx_ctx(), phantom_open(), phantom_probe(), phantom_refill_rx_ring(), ping_open(), png_image_header(), png_pixbuf(), pnic_poll(), pnic_probe(), pnm_pixbuf(), process_script(), prompt_exec(), pxe_menu_boot(), pxe_menu_parse(), pxe_tftp_open(), pxe_udp_deliver(), qib7322_create_recv_wq(), qib7322_create_send_wq(), qib7322_init_send(), qib7322_probe(), readline_history(), realtek_create_buffer(), realtek_create_ring(), realtek_legacy_poll_rx(), realtek_probe(), resolv(), resolv_setting(), rhine_create_ring(), rhine_probe(), rndis_tx_halt(), rndis_tx_initialise(), rndis_tx_oid(), rsa_alloc(), rtl818x_handle_rx(), rtl818x_init_rx_ring(), rtl818x_init_tx_ring(), rtl818x_probe(), sanboot_core_exec(), sandev_parse_iso9660(), scsi_open(), scsidev_command(), sec80211_install(), set_value(), sis190_init_board(), sis190_init_ring(), sis190_mii_probe(), sis190_open(), skeleton_probe(), skge_probe(), skge_ring_alloc(), skge_up(), sky2_probe(), sky2_rx_start(), sky2_status_intr(), sky2_up(), slam_open(), slam_tx_nack(), smsc75xx_probe(), smsc95xx_probe(), snpnet_start(), srp_cmd(), srp_login(), srp_open(), srpdev_scsi_command(), start_dhcp(), start_dhcpv6(), start_ipv6conf(), start_ntp(), start_pxebs(), storef_setting(), storen_setting(), system(), t509bus_probe(), tcp_open(), tcp_xmit_reset(), tftp_apply_settings(), tftp_core_open(), tftp_send_ack(), tftp_send_error(), tftp_send_rrq(), tg3_alloc_consistent(), tg3_alloc_rx_iob(), tg3_init_one(), tg3_init_rings(), tg3_test_dma(), tls_new_session_ticket(), tls_session(), txnic_bgx_probe(), txnic_lmac_probe(), txnic_pf_probe(), udp_open_common(), uhci_bus_open(), uhci_endpoint_open(), uhci_enqueue(), uhci_probe(), uhci_ring_alloc(), undinet_poll(), undinet_probe(), undipci_probe(), undirom_probe(), usb_attached(), usb_config_descriptor(), usb_control(), usb_get_string_descriptor(), usb_prefill(), usb_refill(), usbio_config(), usbio_endpoint_open(), usbio_interfaces(), usbio_interrupt_open(), usbio_path(), usbio_start(), usbkbd_probe(), validator_append(), validator_start_download(), vasprintf(), velocity_alloc_rings(), velocity_probe(), vesafb_mode_list(), virtnet_open_legacy(), virtnet_open_modern(), virtnet_probe_legacy(), virtnet_probe_modern(), vlan_create(), vmbus_open(), vmbus_probe(), vmbus_probe_channels(), vmbus_xfer_page_iobufs(), vmxnet3_open(), vmxnet3_probe(), vp_alloc_vq(), vxge_hw_vpath_poll_rx(), wpa_make_rsn_ie(), wpa_send_2_of_4(), wpa_send_final(), wpa_start(), x509_append(), x509_certificate(), xcm_create(), xenbus_probe_device(), xenstore_dump(), xenstore_response(), xfer_deliver_raw_meta(), xfer_open_named_socket(), xfer_open_uri(), xfer_open_uri_string(), xfer_seek(), xhci_bus_open(), xhci_context(), xhci_dcbaa_alloc(), xhci_device_open(), xhci_endpoint_open(), xhci_event_alloc(), xhci_probe(), xhci_ring_alloc(), xhci_scratchpad_alloc(), xsigo_ib_probe(), and xve_create().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOMEM, 0x31, 0, \
                               "Not enough space" )

Definition at line 535 of file errno.h.

#define ENOMSG   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOMSG )

No message of the desired type.

Definition at line 539 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOMSG, 0x32, 0, \
                               "No message of the desired type" )

Definition at line 540 of file errno.h.

Protocol not available.

Definition at line 544 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOPROTOOPT, 0x33, 0, \
                                    "Protocol not available" )

Definition at line 545 of file errno.h.

#define ENOSPC   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOSPC )
__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOSPC, 0x34, 0, \
                               "No space left on device" )

Definition at line 550 of file errno.h.

#define ENOSR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOSR )

No STREAM resources.

Definition at line 554 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOSR, 0x35, 0, \
                              "No STREAM resources" )

Definition at line 555 of file errno.h.

#define ENOSTR   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOSTR )


Definition at line 559 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOSTR, 0x36, 0, \
                               "Not a STREAM" )

Definition at line 560 of file errno.h.

#define ENOSYS   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOSYS )

Function not implemented.

Definition at line 564 of file errno.h.

Referenced by hunt_mcdi_request_poll(), net80211_netdev_transmit(), net80211_process_capab(), oncrpc_get_reply(), and rtl818x_probe().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOSYS, 0x37, 0, \
                               "Function not implemented" )

Definition at line 565 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOTCONN, 0x38, 0, \
                                 "The socket is not connected" )

Definition at line 570 of file errno.h.

Not a directory.

Definition at line 574 of file errno.h.

Referenced by mount_get_mnt_reply(), and nfs_get_lookup_reply().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOTDIR, 0x39, 0, \
                                "Not a directory" )

Definition at line 575 of file errno.h.

Directory not empty.

Definition at line 579 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOTEMPTY, 0x3a, 0, \
                                  "Directory not empty" )

Definition at line 580 of file errno.h.

Not a socket.

Definition at line 584 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOTSOCK, 0x3b, 0, \
                                 "Not a socket" )

Definition at line 585 of file errno.h.

Operation not supported.

Definition at line 589 of file errno.h.

Referenced by a3c90x_internal_WriteEeprom(), acm_intr_complete(), apm_poweroff(), arbel_alloc_qpn(), arbel_create_qp(), ath5k_hw_attach(), ath5k_hw_init_desc_functions(), b44_init_rx_ring(), b44_init_tx_ring(), b44_transmit(), blktrans_xferbuf_realloc(), cpuid_instruction_supported(), deflate_inflate(), dns_resolv(), drbg_instantiate(), eapol_key_rx(), eapol_rx(), ecm_intr_complete(), edd_describe(), efi_block_describe(), efi_get_noise_rng(), efi_pxe_ip(), efi_pxe_mtftp(), efi_pxe_tftp_open(), efi_pxe_udp_deliver(), efi_snp_hii_fetch(), efi_snp_hii_install(), efi_snp_hii_store(), efi_snp_probe(), efi_usb_control_transfer(), efifb_colour_map(), efifb_colour_map_mask(), ehci_bus_open(), ehci_ctrl_reachable(), ehci_enqueue(), ehci_root_clear_tt(), eth_mc_hash(), exanic_transmit(), fc_els_prli(), fc_els_unknown_detect(), fc_els_unknown_tx(), fc_ns_query_deliver(), fcoe_fip_parse(), fcoe_fip_rx(), fcpcmd_send_cmnd(), fetch_setting(), flexboot_nodnic_alloc_uar(), format_ipv4_setting(), format_ipv6_setting(), gdbmach_set_breakpoint(), golan_probe(), hermon_alloc_qpn(), http_block_read(), http_block_read_capacity(), http_connect(), hv_check_uefi(), ib_cm_req_complete(), ib_mi_handle(), ib_pull(), ib_set_pkey_table(), ib_set_port_info(), icmp_tx_echo_request(), icmpv6_rx(), icplus_write_eeprom(), image_asn1(), image_pixbuf(), image_probe(), int13_device_path_info(), int13_load_eltorito(), intel_poll(), intel_write_eeprom(), intelxl_admin_version(), ipoib_translate_rx(), ipoib_translate_tx(), mac_address_from_string_specs(), meme820(), multiboot_exec(), myri10ge_pci_probe(), myson_create_ring(), myson_refill_rx(), myson_transmit(), natsemi_create_ring(), natsemi_refill_rx(), natsemi_transmit(), net80211_prepare_assoc(), net80211_probe_step(), net_rx(), netdev_configure(), netdev_store(), netvsc_recv_cancellation(), netvsc_recv_control(), nfs_get_readlink_reply(), nii_get_init_info(), nii_set_station_address(), nii_start(), nslookup_resolv_done(), null_poweroff(), parse_gdb_transport(), parse_ipv4_setting(), parse_ipv6_setting(), parse_netdev_configurator(), parse_setting_name(), pcnet32_transmit(), peerblk_decrypt(), peerblk_parse_header(), peerdist_info(), peerdist_info_v1(), peerdist_info_v2(), phantom_check_boot_enable(), png_chunk(), png_image_header(), png_unfilter_pass(), pnm_pixbuf(), pxe_menu_boot(), realtek_create_buffer(), realtek_mii_read(), realtek_mii_write(), realtek_transmit(), rndis_rx_status(), rndis_tx_defer(), rsa_encode_digest(), sec80211_detect(), setting_denumerate(), setting_format(), setting_numerate(), setting_parse(), skeleton_check_link(), skeleton_open(), skeleton_reset(), skeleton_transmit(), smscusb_otp_fetch_mac(), snpnet_start(), srp_unrecognised(), store_setting(), tftp_errcode_to_rc(), uhci_reachable(), uhci_root_clear_tt(), usbio_control_poll(), usbio_endpoint_open(), usbio_hub_open(), usbio_root_clear_tt(), usbio_supported(), vesafb_rc(), vmbus_initiate_contact(), vmbus_poll(), wpa_make_rsn_ie(), x509_check_alt_name(), xengrant_init(), xfer_open_socket(), xfer_open_uri(), xfer_vopen(), xhci_port_psiv(), xhci_port_slot_type(), xhci_port_speed(), xhci_root_clear_tt(), and xhci_writeq().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOTSUP, 0x3c, 0, \
                                "Operation not supported" )

Definition at line 590 of file errno.h.

#define ENOTTY   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENOTTY )
__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENOTTY, 0x3d, 0, \
                               "Inappropriate I/O control operation" )

Definition at line 595 of file errno.h.

#define ENXIO   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ENXIO )

No such device or address.

Definition at line 599 of file errno.h.

Referenced by asn1_start(), intelxlvf_probe(), nfs_get_read_reply(), nvs_vpd_read(), nvs_vpd_write(), pci_vpd_resize(), and rtl818x_probe().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ENXIO, 0x3e, 0, \
                              "No such device or address" )

Definition at line 600 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EOPNOTSUPP, 0x3f, 0, \
                                   "Operation not supported on socket" )

Definition at line 605 of file errno.h.

Value too large to be stored in data type.

Definition at line 609 of file errno.h.

Referenced by jme_transmit(), and xferbuf_write().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EOVERFLOW, 0x40, 0, \
                                  "Value too large to be stored in data type" )

Definition at line 610 of file errno.h.

#define EPERM   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EPERM )
__einfo ( PLATFORM_EPERM, 0x41, 0, \
                              "Operation not permitted" )

Definition at line 615 of file errno.h.

#define EPIPE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EPIPE )
__einfo ( PLATFORM_EPIPE, 0x42, 0, \
                              "Broken pipe" )

Definition at line 620 of file errno.h.

#define EPROTO   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EPROTO )
__einfo ( PLATFORM_EPROTO, 0x43, 0, \
                               "Protocol error" )

Definition at line 625 of file errno.h.

Protocol not supported.

Definition at line 629 of file errno.h.

Referenced by aoe_rx(), arp_rx(), fcoe_rx(), and tcpip_rx().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EPROTONOSUPPORT, 0x44, 0, \
                                        "Protocol not supported" )

Definition at line 630 of file errno.h.

Protocol wrong type for socket.

Definition at line 634 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EPROTOTYPE, 0x45, 0, \
                                   "Protocol wrong type for socket" )

Definition at line 635 of file errno.h.

#define ERANGE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ERANGE )
__einfo ( PLATFORM_ERANGE, 0x46, 0, \
                               "Result too large" )

Definition at line 640 of file errno.h.

#define EROFS   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EROFS )

Read-only file system.

Definition at line 644 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EROFS, 0x47, 0, \
                              "Read-only file system" )

Definition at line 645 of file errno.h.

#define ESPIPE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ESPIPE )

Invalid seek.

Definition at line 649 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ESPIPE, 0x48, 0, \
                               "Invalid seek" )

Definition at line 650 of file errno.h.

#define ESRCH   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ESRCH )

No such process.

Definition at line 654 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ESRCH, 0x49, 0, \
                              "No such process" )

Definition at line 655 of file errno.h.

#define ESTALE   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ESTALE )

Stale file handle.

Definition at line 659 of file errno.h.

Referenced by hmac_drbg_generate(), nfs_get_lookup_reply(), nfs_get_read_reply(), and nfs_get_readlink_reply().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ESTALE, 0x4a, 0, \
                               "Stale file handle" )

Definition at line 660 of file errno.h.

#define ETIME   __einfo_error ( EINFO_ETIME )

Timer expired.

Definition at line 664 of file errno.h.

Referenced by hunt_mcdi_request_poll().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ETIME, 0x4b, 0, \
                              "Timer expired" )

Definition at line 665 of file errno.h.

Connection timed out.

Definition at line 669 of file errno.h.

Referenced by __gm_phy_read(), __xm_phy_read(), aoecmd_expired(), ath5k_hw_eeprom_read(), create_pinger(), dhcp_pxebs_expired(), dhcp_timer_expired(), dhcpv6_set_state(), dns_timer_expired(), efab_init_mac(), efi_pxe_dhcp(), efi_pxe_udp_read(), efi_usb_sync_transfer(), ehci_async_del(), ehci_reset(), ehci_root_enable(), ehci_stop(), ena_admin(), ena_reset(), falcon_gmii_wait(), falcon_init_sram(), falcon_init_xmac(), falcon_reset(), falcon_reset_xaui(), falcon_reset_xmac(), falcon_spi_wait(), falcon_tenxpress_check_c11(), falcon_txc_logic_reset(), fc_xchg_expired(), gm_phy_write(), hfa384x_docmd_wait(), hub_enable(), hunt_mcdi_request_poll(), hv_wait_for_message(), i2c_reset(), ib_mi_timer_expired(), icplus_read_eeprom(), icplus_reset(), intel_disable_ring(), intel_init_eeprom(), intel_read_eeprom(), intelvf_mbox_msg(), intelvf_mbox_wait(), intelxl_admin_command(), intelxl_context_line(), intelxl_disable_ring(), intelxlvf_admin_command(), intelxlvf_reset_wait_active(), intelxlvf_reset_wait_teardown(), ipv6conf_expired(), lan78xx_reset(), linda_ib_epb_request(), linda_ib_epb_wait(), linda_link_state_check(), linda_trim_ib(), mdio_clause45_reset_mmd(), mdio_clause45_wait_reset_mmds(), mii_reset(), monojob_wait(), myri10ge_command(), myson_reload_config(), myson_soft_reset(), myson_wait_idle(), natsemi_reload_config(), natsemi_soft_reset(), neighbour_expired(), net80211_probe_step(), net80211_step_associate(), netvsc_control(), ntp_expired(), pci_vpd_read_dword(), pci_vpd_write_dword(), peerblk_expired(), peerblk_raw_open(), peerblk_retrieval_open(), phantom_clp_wait(), phantom_init_cmdpeg(), phantom_init_rcvpeg(), phantom_read_test_mem_block(), phantom_wait_for_cmd(), pinger_expired(), prompt(), qib7322_ahb_wait(), qib7322_link_state_check(), realtek_mii_read(), realtek_mii_write(), realtek_reset(), rhine_mii_autopoll(), rhine_mii_read(), rhine_mii_write(), rhine_reload_eeprom(), rhine_reset(), rndis_wait(), rtc_entropy_check(), rtl818x_init_hw(), sandev_command_expired(), sfe4001_init(), slam_slave_timer_expired(), smsc75xx_reset(), smsc95xx_reset(), smscusb_eeprom_wait(), smscusb_mii_wait(), smscusb_otp_power_up(), smscusb_otp_wait(), spi_wait(), tcp_expired(), tftp_timer_expired(), txnic_disable_cq(), txnic_disable_rq(), txnic_disable_sq(), uhci_reset(), uhci_root_enable(), uhci_stop(), usb_control(), velocity_autopoll_start(), velocity_autopoll_stop(), velocity_mii_read(), velocity_mii_write(), velocity_reload_eeprom(), xhci_command(), xhci_reset(), xhci_root_enable(), xhci_stop(), and xm_phy_write().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ETIMEDOUT, 0x4c, 0, \
                                  "Connection timed out" )

Definition at line 670 of file errno.h.

Text file busy.

Definition at line 674 of file errno.h.

__einfo ( PLATFORM_ETXTBSY, 0x4d, 0, \
                                "Text file busy" )

Definition at line 675 of file errno.h.

Operation would block.

Definition at line 679 of file errno.h.

Referenced by aoedev_ata_command(), and read_user().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EWOULDBLOCK, 0x4e, 0, \
                                    "Operation would block" )

Definition at line 680 of file errno.h.

#define EXDEV   __einfo_error ( EINFO_EXDEV )

Improper link.

Definition at line 684 of file errno.h.

Referenced by http_parse_status(), and usbio_open().

__einfo ( PLATFORM_EXDEV, 0x4f, 0, \
                              "Improper link" )

Definition at line 685 of file errno.h.