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linux_uaccess.h File Reference

iPXE user access API for Linux More...

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#define UACCESS_PREFIX_linux   __linux_


static __always_inline
unsigned long 
UACCESS_INLINE (linux, user_to_phys)(userptr_t userptr
 Convert user buffer to physical address.

Detailed Description

iPXE user access API for Linux

We run with no distinction between internal and external addresses, so can use trivial_virt_to_user() et al.

We have no concept of the underlying physical addresses, since these are not exposed to userspace. We provide a stub implementation of user_to_phys() since this is required by alloc_memblock(). We provide no implementation of phys_to_user(); any code attempting to access physical addresses will therefore (correctly) fail to link.

Definition in file linux_uaccess.h.

Define Documentation

#define UACCESS_PREFIX_linux   __linux_

Definition at line 24 of file linux_uaccess.h.

Function Documentation

static __always_inline unsigned long UACCESS_INLINE ( linux  ,
) [inline, static]

Convert user buffer to physical address.

userptrUser pointer
offsetOffset from user pointer
Return values:
phys_addrPhysical address