Data Fields
xfer_metadata Struct Reference

Data transfer metadata. More...

#include <xfer.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int flags
off_t offset
 Offset of data within stream.
struct sockaddrsrc
 Source socket address, or NULL.
struct sockaddrdest
 Destination socket address, or NULL.
struct net_devicenetdev
 Network device, or NULL.

Detailed Description

Data transfer metadata.

Definition at line 22 of file xfer.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned int xfer_metadata::flags

Offset of data within stream.

This is an absolute offset if the XFER_FL_ABS_OFFSET flag is set, otherwise a relative offset. (A freshly zeroed xfer_metadata structure therefore represents a relative offset of zero, i.e. no offset from the current position.)

Definition at line 37 of file xfer.h.

Referenced by efi_download_deliver_iob(), fc_xchg_rx(), fc_xchg_tx(), fcpcmd_recv_rddata(), fcpcmd_send_wrdata(), peerblk_deliver(), peerblk_retrieval_rx(), ping_deliver(), ping_rx(), pinger_deliver(), pinger_expired(), posix_file_xfer_deliver(), pxe_tftp_xfer_deliver(), slam_mc_socket_deliver(), tftp_rx_data(), xfer_check_order(), and xferbuf_deliver().

Network device, or NULL.

Definition at line 43 of file xfer.h.

Referenced by dhcp_tx(), efi_pxe_udp_write(), and udp_xfer_deliver().

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