Data Fields
usb_port Struct Reference

A USB port. More...

#include <usb.h>

Data Fields

struct usb_hubhub
 USB hub.
unsigned int address
 Port address.
unsigned int protocol
 Port protocol.
unsigned int speed
 Port speed.
int disconnected
 Port disconnection has been detected.
int attached
 Port has an attached device.
struct usb_deviceusb
 Currently attached device (if in use)
struct list_head changed
 List of changed ports.

Detailed Description

A USB port.

Definition at line 796 of file usb.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned int usb_port::address
unsigned int usb_port::protocol

Port protocol.

Definition at line 802 of file usb.h.

Referenced by alloc_usb_hub(), ehci_probe(), hub_probe(), uhci_probe(), usbio_start(), xhci_probe(), xhci_root_open(), and xhci_root_speed().

unsigned int usb_port::speed

Port disconnection has been detected.

This should be set whenever the underlying hardware reports a connection status change.

Definition at line 810 of file usb.h.

Referenced by ehci_root_poll(), ehci_root_speed(), hub_remove(), hub_speed(), uhci_root_poll(), uhci_root_speed(), usb_hotplugged(), usb_message(), usb_stream(), xhci_port_status(), and xhci_root_speed().

Port has an attached device.

Definition at line 812 of file usb.h.

Referenced by free_usb_hub(), unregister_usb_hub(), usb_attached(), usb_detached(), and usb_hotplugged().

Currently attached device (if in use)

Note that this field will be NULL if the attached device has been freed (e.g. because there were no drivers found).

Definition at line 818 of file usb.h.

Referenced by alloc_usb_hub(), free_usb_hub(), register_usb(), unregister_usb(), usb_attached(), and usb_detached().

List of changed ports.

Definition at line 820 of file usb.h.

Referenced by alloc_usb_hub(), free_usb_bus(), free_usb_hub(), unregister_usb_hub(), usb_hotplug(), and usb_port_changed().

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