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config.c File Reference

Configuration options. More...

#include <config/general.h>
#include <config/console.h>
#include <config/sideband.h>
#include <config/settings.h>

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#define REQUIRE_KEYMAP_OBJECT(_map)   REQUIRE_OBJECT ( keymap_ ## _map )


 REQUIRE_OBJECT (embedded)
 REQUIRE_OBJECT (pci_settings)

Detailed Description

Configuration options.

This file contains macros that pull various objects into the link based on definitions in configuration header files. Ideally it should be the only place in iPXE where one might need to use #ifdef for compile-time options.

In the fairly common case where an object should only be considered for inclusion if the subsystem it depends on is present, its configuration macros should be placed in a file named config_subsystem.c, where subsystem is the object basename of the main source file for that subsystem. The build system will pull in that file if subsystem.c is included in the final iPXE executable built.

Definition in file config.c.

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#define REQUIRE_KEYMAP_OBJECT (   _map)    REQUIRE_OBJECT ( keymap_ ## _map )

Definition at line 365 of file config.c.


#define REQUIRE_KEYMAP (   _map)    REQUIRE_KEYMAP_OBJECT ( _map )

Definition at line 366 of file config.c.

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REQUIRE_OBJECT ( device  )


REQUIRE_OBJECT ( embedded  )


REQUIRE_OBJECT ( pci_settings  )