Here is a list of all modules:
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 Network device interface functions
 802.11 link-layer protocol functions
 802.11 helper functions
 802.11 association handling functions
 802.11 fragment handling functions
 802.11 settings handlers
 UNDI workarounds
 Macros to provide or require explicit symbols
 Macros to provide or require explicit objects
 Debugging infrastructure
 Miscellaneous attributes
 Licence declarationsFor reasons that are partly historical, various different files within the iPXE codebase have differing licences
 POSIX error codesThe names and meanings (but not the values) of these error codes are defined by POSIX
 ANSI colour pairs
 ANSI escape sequence function identifiers
 APIsThese are APIs for which only a single implementation may be compiled in at any given time
 BOFM return codesDefined in section 4.1.3 of the POST/BIOS BOFM I/O Address Re-Assignment Architecture document
 BOFM header subsignatures (action strings)Defined in section 4.1.2 of the POST/BIOS BOFM I/O Address Re-Assignment Architecture document
 BOFM section header signaturesDefined in section 4.2 of the Open Fabric Manager Parameter Specification document
 BOFM Ethernet parameter entry optionsDefined in section 5.1 of the Open Fabric Manager Parameter Specification document
 Console usages
 DHCP option tags
 EAPOL archetype identifiers
 Error file identifier categories
 Error file identifiersThese values are automatically incorporated into the definitions for error numbers such as EINVAL
 Feature categories
 DHCP feature option tagsDHCP feature option tags are Etherboot encapsulated options in the range 0x10-0x7f
 Maximum lengths in the 802.11 protocol
 802.11 Frame Control field bits
 802.11 Sequence Control field handling
 802.11 frame header formats
 802.11 management frame capability field bits
 802.11 status codesThese are returned to indicate an immediate denial of authentication or association
 802.11 reason codesThese are returned to indicate the reason for a deauthentication or disassociation sent (usually) after authentication or association had succeeded
 802.11 information elementsMany management frames include a section that amounts to a concatenation of these information elements, so that the sender can choose which information to send and the receiver can ignore the parts it doesn't understand
 Management frame data payloads
 Initialisation function ordering
 Startup/shutdown function orderingShutdown functions are called in the reverse order to startup functions
 Cache discarder costs
 RF bands on which an 802.11 device can transmit
 802.11 operation modes supported by hardware
 Constants for the net80211 config callback
 Bits for the 802.11 association state field
 802.11 physical layer flags
 802.11 network location API
 802.11 network management API
 802.11 network association API
 802.11 driver interface API
 SCSI operation codes
 SCSI flags
 SCSI command data blocks
 Setting ordering
 Communication semantics
 Address families
 SPI commands
 Atmel-specific SPI commands
 SPI status register bits (not present on all devices)
 SPI device types
 TCP options
 TCP statesThe TCP state is defined by a combination of the flags that have been sent to the peer, the flags that have been acknowledged by the peer, and the flags that have been received from the peer
 Three-wire commands
 Three-wire device types
 Timer detection order
 Trivial user access API implementationsUser access API implementations that can be used by environments in which virtual addresses allow access to all of memory
 EAPOL-Key Info field bits
 Key descriptor element types
 Syslog prioritiesThese values are chosen to match those used in the syslog network protocol (RFC 5424)
 INT 13 operation codes
 INT 13 status codes
 INT 13 floppy disk drive types
 INT 13 disk types
 INT 13 disk parameter flags
 INT 13 extension flags
 INT 13 extension versions
 PXE error codes
 Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) API
 PXE entry pointsPXE entry points and calling conventions
 PXE Preboot APIGeneral high-level functions: PXENV_UNLOAD_STACK, PXENV_START_UNDI etc
 PXE TFTP APIDownload files via TFTP or MTFTP
 PXE UDP APITransmit and receive UDP packets
 PXE UNDI APIDirect control of the network interface card
 PXE FILE APIPOSIX-like file operations
 PXE Loader APIThe UNDI ROM loader API
 PXE data typesBasic PXE data types such as UINT16_t, ADDR32_t, SEGSEL_t etc