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des.h File Reference

DES algorithm. More...

#include <ipxe/crypto.h>

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Data Structures

union  des_dword
 A DES 32-bit dword value. More...
union  des_block
 A DES 64-bit block. More...
union  des_round_key
 A DES round key. More...
struct  des_context
 DES context. More...


#define DES_BLOCKSIZE   sizeof ( union des_block )
 DES blocksize. More...
#define DES_ROUNDS   16
 Number of DES rounds. More...
#define DES_CTX_SIZE   sizeof ( struct des_context )
 DES context size. More...




struct cipher_algorithm des_algorithm
 Basic DES algorithm. More...
struct cipher_algorithm des_ecb_algorithm
struct cipher_algorithm des_cbc_algorithm

Detailed Description

DES algorithm.

Definition in file des.h.

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#define DES_BLOCKSIZE   sizeof ( union des_block )

DES blocksize.

Definition at line 49 of file des.h.


#define DES_ROUNDS   16

Number of DES rounds.

Definition at line 76 of file des.h.


#define DES_CTX_SIZE   sizeof ( struct des_context )

DES context size.

Definition at line 85 of file des.h.

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Variable Documentation

◆ des_algorithm

struct cipher_algorithm des_algorithm

Basic DES algorithm.

Definition at line 676 of file des.c.

Referenced by mschapv2_challenge_response().

◆ des_ecb_algorithm

struct cipher_algorithm des_ecb_algorithm

Referenced by des_test_exec().

◆ des_cbc_algorithm

struct cipher_algorithm des_cbc_algorithm

Referenced by des_test_exec().