Uefi Directory Reference


file  UefiBaseType.h [code]
 Defines data types and constants introduced in UEFI.
file  UefiGpt.h [code]
 EFI Guid Partition Table Format Definition.
file  UefiInternalFormRepresentation.h [code]
 This file defines the encoding for the VFR (Visual Form Representation) language.
file  UefiMultiPhase.h [code]
 This includes some definitions introduced in UEFI that will be used in both PEI and DXE phases.
file  UefiPxe.h [code]
 This header file contains all of the PXE type definitions, structure prototypes, global variables and constants that are needed for porting PXE to EFI.
file  UefiSpec.h [code]
 Include file that supports UEFI.