hidemem.h File Reference

Hidden memory regions. More...

#include <stdint.h>

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void hide_umalloc (physaddr_t start, physaddr_t end)
 Hide umalloc() region. More...

Detailed Description

Hidden memory regions.

Definition in file hidemem.h.

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◆ hide_umalloc()

void hide_umalloc ( physaddr_t  start,
physaddr_t  end 

Hide umalloc() region.

Definition at line 119 of file hidemem.c.

119  {
120  assert ( end <= virt_to_phys ( _textdata ) );
122 }
static __always_inline unsigned long virt_to_phys(volatile const void *addr)
Convert virtual address to a physical address.
Definition: uaccess.h:287
uint32_t start
Starting offset.
Definition: netvsc.h:12
assert((readw(&hdr->flags) &(GTF_reading|GTF_writing))==0)
static void hide_region(struct hidden_region *region, physaddr_t start, physaddr_t end)
Hide region of memory from system memory map.
Definition: hidemem.c:90
char _textdata[]
uint32_t end
Ending offset.
Definition: netvsc.h:18
#define hidemem_umalloc
Definition: hidemem.c:62

References _textdata, assert(), end, hide_region(), hidemem_umalloc, start, and virt_to_phys().

Referenced by hide_etherboot(), and memtop_urealloc().