memsizes.h File Reference
#include <basemem.h>

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static unsigned int basememsize (void)
 Get size of base memory from BIOS free base memory counter. More...
unsigned int extmemsize (void)
 Get size of extended memory. More...

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◆ basememsize()

static unsigned int basememsize ( void  )

Get size of base memory from BIOS free base memory counter.

Return values
basememBase memory size, in kB

Definition at line 13 of file memsizes.h.

13  {
14  return get_fbms();
15 }
static unsigned int get_fbms(void)
Read the BIOS free base memory counter.
Definition: basemem.h:21

References get_fbms().

Referenced by x86_get_memmap().

◆ extmemsize()

unsigned int extmemsize ( void  )

Get size of extended memory.

Return values
extmemExtended memory size, in kB

Note that this is only an approximation; for an accurate picture, use the E820 memory map obtained via get_memmap();

Definition at line 156 of file memmap.c.

156  {
157  unsigned int extmem_e801;
158  unsigned int extmem_88;
160  /* Try INT 15,e801 first, then fall back to INT 15,88 */
161  extmem_88 = extmemsize_88();
162  extmem_e801 = extmemsize_e801();
163  return ( extmem_e801 ? extmem_e801 : extmem_88 );
164 }
static unsigned int extmemsize_88(void)
Get size of extended memory via INT 15,88.
Definition: memmap.c:136
static unsigned int extmemsize_e801(void)
Get size of extended memory via INT 15,e801.
Definition: memmap.c:79

References extmemsize_88(), and extmemsize_e801().

Referenced by nbi_process_segments(), and x86_get_memmap().