mnp.c File Reference

MNP driver. More...

#include <errno.h>
#include <ipxe/efi/efi.h>
#include <ipxe/efi/efi_driver.h>
#include <ipxe/efi/mnpnet.h>
#include "snpnet.h"

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static int mnp_supported (EFI_HANDLE device)
 Check to see if driver supports a device. More...
struct efi_driver mnp_driver __efi_driver (EFI_DRIVER_NORMAL)
 EFI MNP driver. More...

Detailed Description

MNP driver.

Definition in file mnp.c.

Function Documentation



◆ mnp_supported()

static int mnp_supported ( EFI_HANDLE  device)

Check to see if driver supports a device.

deviceEFI device handle
Return values
rcReturn status code

Definition at line 44 of file mnp.c.

44  {
47  return snpnet_supported ( device, binding );
48 }
128 bit buffer containing a unique identifier value.
Definition: Base.h:215
int snpnet_supported(EFI_HANDLE device, EFI_GUID *protocol)
Check to see if driver supports a device.
Definition: snpnet.c:495
EFI_GUID efi_managed_network_service_binding_protocol_guid
Managed network service binding protocol GUID.
Definition: efi_guid.c:255
A hardware device.
Definition: device.h:73

References efi_managed_network_service_binding_protocol_guid, and snpnet_supported().

◆ __efi_driver()

struct efi_driver mnponly_driver __efi_driver ( EFI_DRIVER_NORMAL  )
Initial value:
= {
.name = "NII",
.supported = nii_supported,
.start = nii_start,
.stop = nii_stop,
int nii_start(struct efi_device *efidev)
Attach driver to device.
Definition: nii.c:1272
void nii_stop(struct efi_device *efidev)
Detach driver from device.
Definition: nii.c:1391
static int nii_supported(EFI_HANDLE device)
Check to see if driver supports a device.
Definition: snp.c:54

EFI MNP driver.

EFI MNP chainloading-device-only driver.

EFI NII chainloading-device-only driver.

EFI NII driver.