shimmgmt.h File Reference

EFI shim management. More...

#include <ipxe/image.h>

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int shim (struct image *image, int require_loader, int allow_pxe, int allow_sbat)
 Set shim image. More...

Detailed Description

EFI shim management.

Definition in file shimmgmt.h.

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◆ shim()

int shim ( struct image image,
int  require_loader,
int  allow_pxe,
int  allow_sbat 

Set shim image.

imageShim image, or NULL to clear shim
require_loaderRequire use of a third party loader
allow_pxeAllow use of PXE base code
allow_sbatAllow SBAT variable access
Return values
rcReturn status code

Definition at line 45 of file shimmgmt.c.

46  {
48  /* Record (or clear) shim image */
49  image_tag ( image, &efi_shim );
51  /* Avoid including image in constructed initrd */
52  if ( image )
53  image_hide ( image );
55  /* Record configuration */
56  efi_shim_require_loader = require_loader;
57  efi_shim_allow_pxe = allow_pxe;
58  efi_shim_allow_sbat = allow_sbat;
60  return 0;
61 }
int efi_shim_allow_sbat
Allow SBAT variable access.
Definition: efi_shim.c:105
An executable image.
Definition: image.h:24
int efi_shim_require_loader
Require use of a third party loader binary.
Definition: efi_shim.c:67
int efi_shim_allow_pxe
Allow use of PXE base code protocol.
Definition: efi_shim.c:85
static struct image * image_tag(struct image *image, struct image_tag *tag)
Tag image.
Definition: image.h:275
static void image_hide(struct image *image)
Mark image as hidden.
Definition: image.h:264

References efi_shim_allow_pxe, efi_shim_allow_sbat, efi_shim_require_loader, image_hide(), and image_tag().

Referenced by efi_image_exec(), efi_shim_cmdline(), efi_shim_install(), and shim_exec().