Data Fields
e1000_adv_tx_context_desc Struct Reference

#include <igbvf_vf.h>

Data Fields

u32 vlan_macip_lens
u32 seqnum_seed
u32 type_tucmd_mlhl
u32 mss_l4len_idx

Detailed Description

Definition at line 154 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Field Documentation

◆ vlan_macip_lens

u32 e1000_adv_tx_context_desc::vlan_macip_lens

Definition at line 155 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ seqnum_seed

u32 e1000_adv_tx_context_desc::seqnum_seed

Definition at line 156 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ type_tucmd_mlhl

u32 e1000_adv_tx_context_desc::type_tucmd_mlhl

Definition at line 157 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ mss_l4len_idx

u32 e1000_adv_tx_context_desc::mss_l4len_idx

Definition at line 158 of file igbvf_vf.h.

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