Data Fields
e1000_hw Struct Reference

#include <igbvf_vf.h>

Data Fields

void * back
u8 __iomemhw_addr
u8 __iomemflash_address
unsigned long io_base
struct e1000_mac_info mac
struct e1000_bus_info bus
struct e1000_mbx_info mbx
union {
   struct e1000_dev_spec_vf   vf
u16 device_id
u16 subsystem_vendor_id
u16 subsystem_device_id
u16 vendor_id
u8 revision_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 310 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Field Documentation

◆ back

void* e1000_hw::back

Definition at line 311 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Referenced by igbvf_probe().

◆ hw_addr

u8 __iomem* e1000_hw::hw_addr

Definition at line 313 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Referenced by igbvf_probe(), and igbvf_remove().

◆ flash_address

u8 __iomem* e1000_hw::flash_address

Definition at line 314 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Referenced by igbvf_remove().

◆ io_base

unsigned long e1000_hw::io_base

Definition at line 315 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Referenced by igbvf_probe().

◆ mac

struct e1000_mac_info e1000_hw::mac

Definition at line 317 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Referenced by igbvf_open(), igbvf_probe(), igbvf_reset(), and igbvf_sw_init().

◆ bus

struct e1000_bus_info e1000_hw::bus

Definition at line 318 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ mbx

struct e1000_mbx_info e1000_hw::mbx

Definition at line 319 of file igbvf_vf.h.

Referenced by igbvf_sw_init().

◆ vf

struct e1000_dev_spec_vf e1000_hw::vf

Definition at line 322 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ dev_spec

union { ... } e1000_hw::dev_spec

◆ device_id

u16 e1000_hw::device_id

Definition at line 325 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ subsystem_vendor_id

u16 e1000_hw::subsystem_vendor_id

Definition at line 326 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ subsystem_device_id

u16 e1000_hw::subsystem_device_id

Definition at line 327 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ vendor_id

u16 e1000_hw::vendor_id

Definition at line 328 of file igbvf_vf.h.

◆ revision_id

u8 e1000_hw::revision_id

Definition at line 330 of file igbvf_vf.h.

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