Data Fields
golan_create_mkey_mbox_in Struct Reference

#include <CIB_PRM.h>

Data Fields

struct golan_inbox_hdr hdr
__be32 input_mkey_index
u8 rsvd0 [4]
struct golan_create_mkey_mbox_in_data data

Detailed Description

Definition at line 764 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Field Documentation

◆ hdr

struct golan_inbox_hdr golan_create_mkey_mbox_in::hdr

Definition at line 765 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ input_mkey_index

__be32 golan_create_mkey_mbox_in::input_mkey_index

Definition at line 766 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ rsvd0

u8 golan_create_mkey_mbox_in::rsvd0[4]

Definition at line 767 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ data

struct golan_create_mkey_mbox_in_data golan_create_mkey_mbox_in::data

Definition at line 768 of file CIB_PRM.h.

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