Data Fields
golan_query_hca_vport_context_data Struct Reference

#include <CIB_PRM.h>

Data Fields

__be32 field_select
__be32 rsvd1 [7]
__be16 sm_virt_aware: 1
__be16 has_smi: 1
__be16 has_raw: 1
__be16 grh_required: 1
__be16 rsvd2: 12
u8 port_physical_state: 4
u8 vport_state_policy: 4
u8 port_state: 4
u8 vport_state: 4
u8 rsvd3 [4]
__be32 system_image_guid [2]
__be32 port_guid [2]
__be32 node_guid [2]
__be32 cap_mask1
__be32 cap_mask1_field_select
__be32 cap_mask2
__be32 cap_mask2_field_select
u8 rsvd4 [16]
__be16 lid
u8 rsvd5: 4
u8 init_type_reply: 4
u8 lmc: 3
u8 subnet_timeout: 5
__be16 sm_lid
u8 sm_sl: 4
u8 rsvd6: 4
u8 rsvd7
__be16 qkey_violation_counter
__be16 pkey_violation_counter
u8 rsvd8 [100]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 536 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Field Documentation

◆ field_select

__be32 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::field_select

Definition at line 537 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ rsvd1

__be32 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::rsvd1[7]

Definition at line 538 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ sm_virt_aware

__be16 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::sm_virt_aware

Definition at line 540 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ has_smi

__be16 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::has_smi

Definition at line 541 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ has_raw

__be16 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::has_raw

Definition at line 542 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ grh_required

__be16 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::grh_required

Definition at line 543 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ rsvd2

__be16 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::rsvd2

Definition at line 544 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ port_physical_state

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::port_physical_state

Definition at line 545 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ vport_state_policy

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::vport_state_policy

Definition at line 546 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ port_state

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::port_state

Definition at line 547 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Referenced by golan_query_vport_context().

◆ vport_state

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::vport_state

Definition at line 548 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ rsvd3

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::rsvd3[4]

Definition at line 550 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ system_image_guid

__be32 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::system_image_guid[2]

Definition at line 552 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ port_guid

__be32 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::port_guid[2]

Definition at line 554 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ node_guid

__be32 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::node_guid[2]

Definition at line 556 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Referenced by golan_query_vport_context().

◆ cap_mask1

__be32 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::cap_mask1

Definition at line 558 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ cap_mask1_field_select

__be32 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::cap_mask1_field_select

Definition at line 559 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ cap_mask2

__be32 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::cap_mask2

Definition at line 560 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ cap_mask2_field_select

__be32 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::cap_mask2_field_select

Definition at line 561 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ rsvd4

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::rsvd4[16]

Definition at line 562 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ lid

__be16 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::lid

Definition at line 563 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Referenced by golan_query_vport_context().

◆ rsvd5

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::rsvd5

Definition at line 564 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ init_type_reply

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::init_type_reply

Definition at line 565 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ lmc

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::lmc

Definition at line 566 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ subnet_timeout

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::subnet_timeout

Definition at line 567 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ sm_lid

__be16 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::sm_lid

Definition at line 568 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Referenced by golan_query_vport_context().

◆ sm_sl

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::sm_sl

Definition at line 569 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Referenced by golan_query_vport_context().

◆ rsvd6

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::rsvd6

Definition at line 570 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ rsvd7

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::rsvd7

Definition at line 571 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ qkey_violation_counter

__be16 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::qkey_violation_counter

Definition at line 572 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ pkey_violation_counter

__be16 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::pkey_violation_counter

Definition at line 573 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ rsvd8

u8 golan_query_hca_vport_context_data::rsvd8[100]

Definition at line 574 of file CIB_PRM.h.

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