Data Fields
hfa384x_rx_frame Struct Reference

#include <hfa384x.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t status
uint32_t time
uint8_t silence
uint8_t signal
uint8_t rate
uint8_t rx_flow
uint16_t reserved1
uint16_t reserved2
uint16_t frame_control
uint16_t duration_id
uint8_t address1 [6]
uint8_t address2 [6]
uint8_t address3 [6]
uint16_t sequence_control
uint8_t address4 [6]
uint16_t data_len
uint8_t dest_addr [6]
uint8_t src_addr [6]
uint16_t data_length

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1698 of file hfa384x.h.

Field Documentation

◆ status

uint16_t hfa384x_rx_frame::status

Definition at line 1701 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ time

uint32_t hfa384x_rx_frame::time

Definition at line 1702 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ silence

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::silence

Definition at line 1703 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ signal

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::signal

Definition at line 1704 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ rate

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::rate

Definition at line 1705 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ rx_flow

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::rx_flow

Definition at line 1706 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ reserved1

uint16_t hfa384x_rx_frame::reserved1

Definition at line 1707 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ reserved2

uint16_t hfa384x_rx_frame::reserved2

Definition at line 1708 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ frame_control

uint16_t hfa384x_rx_frame::frame_control

Definition at line 1711 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ duration_id

uint16_t hfa384x_rx_frame::duration_id

Definition at line 1712 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ address1

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::address1[6]

Definition at line 1713 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ address2

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::address2[6]

Definition at line 1714 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ address3

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::address3[6]

Definition at line 1715 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ sequence_control

uint16_t hfa384x_rx_frame::sequence_control

Definition at line 1716 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ address4

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::address4[6]

Definition at line 1717 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ data_len

uint16_t hfa384x_rx_frame::data_len

Definition at line 1718 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ dest_addr

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::dest_addr[6]

Definition at line 1721 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ src_addr

uint8_t hfa384x_rx_frame::src_addr[6]

Definition at line 1722 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ data_length

uint16_t hfa384x_rx_frame::data_length

Definition at line 1723 of file hfa384x.h.

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