Data Fields
ib_mc_member_record Struct Reference

#include <ib_mad.h>

Data Fields

union ib_gid mgid
union ib_gid port_gid
uint32_t qkey
uint16_t mlid
uint8_t mtu_selector__mtu
uint8_t tclass
uint16_t pkey
uint8_t rate_selector__rate
uint8_t packet_lifetime_selector__packet_lifetime
uint32_t sl__flow_label__hop_limit
uint8_t scope__join_state
uint8_t proxy_join__reserved
uint16_t reserved0
uint32_t reserved1 [37]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 261 of file ib_mad.h.

Field Documentation

◆ mgid

union ib_gid ib_mc_member_record::mgid

Definition at line 262 of file ib_mad.h.

◆ port_gid

union ib_gid ib_mc_member_record::port_gid

Definition at line 263 of file ib_mad.h.

◆ qkey

uint32_t ib_mc_member_record::qkey

Definition at line 264 of file ib_mad.h.

Referenced by ib_mcast_complete().

◆ mlid

uint16_t ib_mc_member_record::mlid

Definition at line 265 of file ib_mad.h.

Referenced by ib_mcast_complete().

◆ mtu_selector__mtu

uint8_t ib_mc_member_record::mtu_selector__mtu

Definition at line 266 of file ib_mad.h.

◆ tclass

uint8_t ib_mc_member_record::tclass

Definition at line 267 of file ib_mad.h.

◆ pkey

uint16_t ib_mc_member_record::pkey

Definition at line 268 of file ib_mad.h.

◆ rate_selector__rate

uint8_t ib_mc_member_record::rate_selector__rate

Definition at line 269 of file ib_mad.h.

Referenced by ib_mcast_complete().

◆ packet_lifetime_selector__packet_lifetime

uint8_t ib_mc_member_record::packet_lifetime_selector__packet_lifetime

Definition at line 270 of file ib_mad.h.

◆ sl__flow_label__hop_limit

uint32_t ib_mc_member_record::sl__flow_label__hop_limit

Definition at line 271 of file ib_mad.h.

Referenced by ib_mcast_complete().

◆ scope__join_state

uint8_t ib_mc_member_record::scope__join_state

Definition at line 272 of file ib_mad.h.

◆ proxy_join__reserved

uint8_t ib_mc_member_record::proxy_join__reserved

Definition at line 273 of file ib_mad.h.

◆ reserved0

uint16_t ib_mc_member_record::reserved0

Definition at line 274 of file ib_mad.h.

◆ reserved1

uint32_t ib_mc_member_record::reserved1[37]

Definition at line 275 of file ib_mad.h.

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