Data Fields
ieee80211_ie_channels Struct Reference

802.11 Channels information element More...

#include <ieee80211.h>

Data Fields

u8 id
 Channels ID: 36. More...
u8 len
 Channels length: 2. More...
struct ieee80211_ie_channels_channel_band channels [0]
 List of (start, length) channel bands we can use. More...

Detailed Description

802.11 Channels information element

This is used in association frames to indicate the channels we can use. It is required only if we indicate support for spectrum management.

Definition at line 745 of file ieee80211.h.

Field Documentation

◆ id

u8 ieee80211_ie_channels::id

Channels ID: 36.

Definition at line 746 of file ieee80211.h.

◆ len

u8 ieee80211_ie_channels::len

Channels length: 2.

Definition at line 747 of file ieee80211.h.

◆ channels

struct ieee80211_ie_channels_channel_band ieee80211_ie_channels::channels[0]

List of (start, length) channel bands we can use.

Definition at line 750 of file ieee80211.h.

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