Data Fields
ieee80211_ie_vendor Struct Reference

802.11 Vendor Specific information element More...

#include <ieee80211.h>

Data Fields

u8 id
 Vendor-specific ID: 221. More...
u8 len
 Vendor-specific length: variable. More...
u32 oui
 OUI and vendor-specific type byte. More...
u8 data [0]
 Vendor-specific data. More...

Detailed Description

802.11 Vendor Specific information element

One often sees the RSN IE masquerading as vendor-specific on devices that were produced prior to 802.11i (the WPA amendment) being finalized.

Definition at line 952 of file ieee80211.h.

Field Documentation

◆ id

u8 ieee80211_ie_vendor::id

Vendor-specific ID: 221.

Definition at line 953 of file ieee80211.h.

◆ len

u8 ieee80211_ie_vendor::len

Vendor-specific length: variable.

Definition at line 954 of file ieee80211.h.

◆ oui

u32 ieee80211_ie_vendor::oui

OUI and vendor-specific type byte.

Definition at line 955 of file ieee80211.h.

Referenced by wpa_maybe_install_gtk().

◆ data

u8 ieee80211_ie_vendor::data[0]

Vendor-specific data.

Definition at line 956 of file ieee80211.h.

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