Data Fields
ifec_private Struct Reference

#include <eepro100.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long ioaddr
struct ifec_stats stats
unsigned short mdio_register
struct ifec_tcbtcbs
struct ifec_rfdrfds [RFD_COUNT]
struct ifec_tcbtcb_head
struct ifec_tcbtcb_tail
struct io_buffertx_iobs [TCB_COUNT]
struct io_bufferrx_iobs [RFD_COUNT]
int cur_rx
int tx_curr
int tx_tail
int tx_cnt
int configured
struct spi_bit_basher spi
struct spi_device eeprom

Detailed Description

Definition at line 145 of file eepro100.h.

Field Documentation

◆ ioaddr

unsigned long ifec_private::ioaddr

Definition at line 146 of file eepro100.h.

◆ stats

struct ifec_stats ifec_private::stats

Definition at line 147 of file eepro100.h.

◆ mdio_register

unsigned short ifec_private::mdio_register

Definition at line 148 of file eepro100.h.

Referenced by ifec_mdio_setup().

◆ tcbs

struct ifec_tcb* ifec_private::tcbs

Definition at line 150 of file eepro100.h.

◆ rfds

struct ifec_rfd* ifec_private::rfds[RFD_COUNT]

Definition at line 151 of file eepro100.h.

◆ tcb_head

struct ifec_tcb* ifec_private::tcb_head

Definition at line 152 of file eepro100.h.

◆ tcb_tail

struct ifec_tcb * ifec_private::tcb_tail

Definition at line 152 of file eepro100.h.

◆ tx_iobs

struct io_buffer* ifec_private::tx_iobs[TCB_COUNT]

Definition at line 153 of file eepro100.h.

◆ rx_iobs

struct io_buffer* ifec_private::rx_iobs[RFD_COUNT]

Definition at line 154 of file eepro100.h.

◆ cur_rx

int ifec_private::cur_rx

Definition at line 155 of file eepro100.h.

◆ tx_curr

int ifec_private::tx_curr

Definition at line 156 of file eepro100.h.

◆ tx_tail

int ifec_private::tx_tail

Definition at line 157 of file eepro100.h.

◆ tx_cnt

int ifec_private::tx_cnt

Definition at line 158 of file eepro100.h.

◆ configured

int ifec_private::configured

Definition at line 165 of file eepro100.h.

◆ spi

struct spi_bit_basher ifec_private::spi

Definition at line 166 of file eepro100.h.

Referenced by ifec_spi_read_bit(), and ifec_spi_write_bit().

◆ eeprom

struct spi_device ifec_private::eeprom

Definition at line 167 of file eepro100.h.

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