Data Fields
mmuext_op Struct Reference

#include <xen.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int cmd
union {
   xen_pfn_t   mfn
   unsigned long   linear_addr
union {
   unsigned int   nr_ents
   const void *   vcpumask
   xen_pfn_t   src_mfn

Detailed Description

Definition at line 410 of file xen.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cmd

unsigned int mmuext_op::cmd

Definition at line 411 of file xen.h.

◆ mfn

xen_pfn_t mmuext_op::mfn

Definition at line 415 of file xen.h.

◆ linear_addr

unsigned long mmuext_op::linear_addr

Definition at line 417 of file xen.h.

◆ arg1

union { ... } mmuext_op::arg1

◆ nr_ents

unsigned int mmuext_op::nr_ents

Definition at line 421 of file xen.h.

◆ vcpumask

const void* mmuext_op::vcpumask

Definition at line 426 of file xen.h.

◆ src_mfn

xen_pfn_t mmuext_op::src_mfn

Definition at line 429 of file xen.h.

◆ arg2

union { ... } mmuext_op::arg2

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