Data Fields
multiboot_info Struct Reference

A multiboot information structure. More...

#include <multiboot.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t flags
uint32_t mem_lower
uint32_t mem_upper
uint32_t boot_device
uint32_t cmdline
uint32_t mods_count
uint32_t mods_addr
union {
   struct multiboot_aout_symbol_table   aout_syms
   struct multiboot_elf_section_header_table   elf_sections
uint32_t mmap_length
uint32_t mmap_addr
uint32_t drives_length
uint32_t drives_addr
uint32_t config_table
uint32_t boot_loader_name
uint32_t apm_table
uint32_t vbe_control_info
uint32_t vbe_mode_info
uint16_t vbe_mode
uint16_t vbe_interface_seg
uint16_t vbe_interface_off
uint16_t vbe_interface_len

Detailed Description

A multiboot information structure.

Definition at line 103 of file multiboot.h.

Field Documentation

◆ flags

uint32_t multiboot_info::flags

Definition at line 104 of file multiboot.h.

◆ mem_lower

uint32_t multiboot_info::mem_lower

Definition at line 105 of file multiboot.h.

◆ mem_upper

uint32_t multiboot_info::mem_upper

Definition at line 106 of file multiboot.h.

◆ boot_device

uint32_t multiboot_info::boot_device

Definition at line 107 of file multiboot.h.

◆ cmdline

uint32_t multiboot_info::cmdline

Definition at line 108 of file multiboot.h.

◆ mods_count

uint32_t multiboot_info::mods_count

Definition at line 109 of file multiboot.h.

◆ mods_addr

uint32_t multiboot_info::mods_addr

Definition at line 110 of file multiboot.h.

◆ aout_syms

struct multiboot_aout_symbol_table multiboot_info::aout_syms

Definition at line 112 of file multiboot.h.

◆ elf_sections

struct multiboot_elf_section_header_table multiboot_info::elf_sections

Definition at line 113 of file multiboot.h.

◆ syms

union { ... } multiboot_info::syms

◆ mmap_length

uint32_t multiboot_info::mmap_length

Definition at line 115 of file multiboot.h.

◆ mmap_addr

uint32_t multiboot_info::mmap_addr

Definition at line 116 of file multiboot.h.

◆ drives_length

uint32_t multiboot_info::drives_length

Definition at line 117 of file multiboot.h.

◆ drives_addr

uint32_t multiboot_info::drives_addr

Definition at line 118 of file multiboot.h.

◆ config_table

uint32_t multiboot_info::config_table

Definition at line 119 of file multiboot.h.

◆ boot_loader_name

uint32_t multiboot_info::boot_loader_name

Definition at line 120 of file multiboot.h.

◆ apm_table

uint32_t multiboot_info::apm_table

Definition at line 121 of file multiboot.h.

◆ vbe_control_info

uint32_t multiboot_info::vbe_control_info

Definition at line 122 of file multiboot.h.

◆ vbe_mode_info

uint32_t multiboot_info::vbe_mode_info

Definition at line 123 of file multiboot.h.

◆ vbe_mode

uint16_t multiboot_info::vbe_mode

Definition at line 124 of file multiboot.h.

◆ vbe_interface_seg

uint16_t multiboot_info::vbe_interface_seg

Definition at line 125 of file multiboot.h.

◆ vbe_interface_off

uint16_t multiboot_info::vbe_interface_off

Definition at line 126 of file multiboot.h.

◆ vbe_interface_len

uint16_t multiboot_info::vbe_interface_len

Definition at line 127 of file multiboot.h.

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