Data Fields

Information for a PCI or equivalent NIC. More...

#include <pxe_api.h>

Data Fields

UINT16_t Vendor_ID
 PCI vendor ID. More...
UINT16_t Dev_ID
 PCI device ID. More...
UINT8_t Base_Class
 PCI base class. More...
UINT8_t Sub_Class
 PCI sub class. More...
UINT8_t Prog_Intf
 PCI programming interface. More...
UINT8_t Rev
 PCI revision. More...
UINT16_t BusDevFunc
 PCI bus:dev:fn address. More...
UINT16_t SubVendor_ID
 PCI subvendor ID. More...
UINT16_t SubDevice_ID
 PCI subdevice ID. More...

Detailed Description

Information for a PCI or equivalent NIC.

Definition at line 1306 of file pxe_api.h.

Field Documentation

◆ Vendor_ID

UINT16_t pci_nic_info::Vendor_ID

PCI vendor ID.

Definition at line 1307 of file pxe_api.h.

◆ Dev_ID

UINT16_t pci_nic_info::Dev_ID

PCI device ID.

Definition at line 1308 of file pxe_api.h.

◆ Base_Class

UINT8_t pci_nic_info::Base_Class

PCI base class.

Definition at line 1309 of file pxe_api.h.

◆ Sub_Class

UINT8_t pci_nic_info::Sub_Class

PCI sub class.

Definition at line 1310 of file pxe_api.h.

◆ Prog_Intf

UINT8_t pci_nic_info::Prog_Intf

PCI programming interface.

Definition at line 1311 of file pxe_api.h.

◆ Rev

UINT8_t pci_nic_info::Rev

PCI revision.

Definition at line 1312 of file pxe_api.h.

◆ BusDevFunc

UINT16_t pci_nic_info::BusDevFunc

PCI bus:dev:fn address.

Definition at line 1313 of file pxe_api.h.

◆ SubVendor_ID

UINT16_t pci_nic_info::SubVendor_ID

PCI subvendor ID.

Definition at line 1314 of file pxe_api.h.

◆ SubDevice_ID

UINT16_t pci_nic_info::SubDevice_ID

PCI subdevice ID.

Definition at line 1315 of file pxe_api.h.

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