Data Fields
printf_context Struct Reference

A printf context. More...

#include <vsprintf.h>

Data Fields

void(* handler )(struct printf_context *ctx, unsigned int c)
 Character handler. More...
size_t len
 Length of formatted string. More...

Detailed Description

A printf context.

Contexts are used in order to be able to share code between vprintf() and vsnprintf(), without requiring the allocation of a buffer for vprintf().

Definition at line 47 of file vsprintf.h.

Field Documentation

◆ handler

void( * printf_context::handler) (struct printf_context *ctx, unsigned int c)

Character handler.


This method is called for each character written to the formatted string.

Definition at line 57 of file vsprintf.h.

Referenced by efi_vsnprintf(), vsnprintf(), and vw_printw().

◆ len

size_t printf_context::len

Length of formatted string.

When handler() is called, @len will be set to the number of characters written so far (i.e. zero for the first call to handler()).

Definition at line 64 of file vsprintf.h.

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