Data Fields
uri_pxe_test Struct Reference

A PXE URI test. More...

Data Fields

union {
   struct sockaddr   sa
   struct sockaddr_in   sin
   struct sockaddr_in6   sin6
   struct sockaddr_tcpip   st
 Server address. More...
const char * filename
 Filename. More...
struct uri uri
 URI. More...
const char * string
 URI string (for display only; cannot be reparsed) More...

Detailed Description

A PXE URI test.

Definition at line 71 of file uri_test.c.

Field Documentation

◆ sa

struct sockaddr uri_pxe_test::sa

Definition at line 74 of file uri_test.c.

◆ sin

struct sockaddr_in uri_pxe_test::sin

Definition at line 75 of file uri_test.c.

◆ sin6

struct sockaddr_in6 uri_pxe_test::sin6

Definition at line 76 of file uri_test.c.

◆ st

struct sockaddr_tcpip uri_pxe_test::st

Definition at line 77 of file uri_test.c.

◆ server

union { ... } uri_pxe_test::server

Server address.

◆ filename

const char* uri_pxe_test::filename


Definition at line 80 of file uri_test.c.

◆ uri

struct uri uri_pxe_test::uri


Definition at line 82 of file uri_test.c.

◆ string

const char* uri_pxe_test::string

URI string (for display only; cannot be reparsed)

Definition at line 84 of file uri_test.c.

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