Data Fields
x509_certificate Struct Reference

An X.509 certificate. More...

#include <x509.h>

Data Fields

struct refcnt refcnt
 Reference count. More...
struct x509_link store
 Link in certificate store. More...
unsigned int flags
 Flags. More...
unsigned int path_remaining
 Maximum number of subsequent certificates in chain. More...
struct asn1_cursor raw
 Raw certificate. More...
unsigned int version
 Version. More...
struct x509_serial serial
 Serial number. More...
struct asn1_cursor tbs
 Raw tbsCertificate. More...
struct asn1_algorithmsignature_algorithm
 Signature algorithm. More...
struct x509_issuer issuer
 Issuer. More...
struct x509_validity validity
 Validity. More...
struct x509_subject subject
 Subject. More...
struct x509_signature signature
 Signature. More...
struct x509_extensions extensions
 Extensions. More...

Detailed Description

An X.509 certificate.

Definition at line 185 of file x509.h.

Field Documentation

◆ refcnt

struct refcnt x509_certificate::refcnt

Reference count.

Definition at line 187 of file x509.h.

Referenced by certstore_discard(), certstore_init(), x509_get(), and x509_put().

◆ store

struct x509_link x509_certificate::store

◆ flags

unsigned int x509_certificate::flags

◆ path_remaining

unsigned int x509_certificate::path_remaining

Maximum number of subsequent certificates in chain.

Definition at line 195 of file x509.h.

Referenced by x509_invalidate(), and x509_validate().

◆ raw

struct asn1_cursor x509_certificate::raw

Raw certificate.

Definition at line 198 of file x509.h.

Referenced by certstore_find(), tls_send_certificate(), x509_fingerprint(), and x509_parse().

◆ version

unsigned int x509_certificate::version


Definition at line 200 of file x509.h.

Referenced by x509_parse_version().

◆ serial

struct x509_serial x509_certificate::serial

Serial number.

Definition at line 202 of file x509.h.

Referenced by cms_find_issuer_serial(), ocsp_request(), and x509_parse_serial().

◆ tbs

struct asn1_cursor x509_certificate::tbs

Raw tbsCertificate.

Definition at line 204 of file x509.h.

Referenced by x509_check_signature(), and x509_parse_tbscertificate().

◆ signature_algorithm

struct asn1_algorithm* x509_certificate::signature_algorithm

Signature algorithm.

Definition at line 206 of file x509.h.

Referenced by certstore_find_key(), tls_send_certificate_verify(), x509_check_signature(), and x509_parse_tbscertificate().

◆ issuer

struct x509_issuer x509_certificate::issuer

◆ validity

struct x509_validity x509_certificate::validity


Definition at line 210 of file x509.h.

Referenced by x509_check_time(), and x509_parse_validity().

◆ subject

struct x509_subject x509_certificate::subject

◆ signature

struct x509_signature x509_certificate::signature


Definition at line 214 of file x509.h.

Referenced by x509_check_signature(), and x509_parse().

◆ extensions

struct x509_extensions x509_certificate::extensions

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