Data Fields
ev_data Union Reference

#include <CIB_PRM.h>

Data Fields

__be32 raw [7]
struct golan_eqe_cmd cmd
struct golan_eqe_comp comp
struct golan_eqe_qp_srq qp_srq
struct golan_eqe_cq_err cq_err
struct golan_eqe_dropped_packet dp
struct golan_eqe_port_state port
struct golan_eqe_gpio gpio
struct golan_eqe_congestion cong
struct golan_eqe_stall_vl stall_vl
struct golan_eqe_page_req req_pages

Detailed Description

Definition at line 677 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Field Documentation

◆ raw

__be32 ev_data::raw[7]

Definition at line 678 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ cmd

struct golan_eqe_cmd ev_data::cmd

Definition at line 679 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ comp

struct golan_eqe_comp ev_data::comp

Definition at line 680 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ qp_srq

struct golan_eqe_qp_srq ev_data::qp_srq

Definition at line 681 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ cq_err

struct golan_eqe_cq_err ev_data::cq_err

Definition at line 682 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Referenced by golan_poll_eq().

◆ dp

struct golan_eqe_dropped_packet ev_data::dp

Definition at line 683 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ port

struct golan_eqe_port_state ev_data::port

Definition at line 684 of file CIB_PRM.h.

Referenced by golan_handle_port_event().

◆ gpio

struct golan_eqe_gpio ev_data::gpio

Definition at line 685 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ cong

struct golan_eqe_congestion ev_data::cong

Definition at line 686 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ stall_vl

struct golan_eqe_stall_vl ev_data::stall_vl

Definition at line 687 of file CIB_PRM.h.

◆ req_pages

struct golan_eqe_page_req ev_data::req_pages

Definition at line 688 of file CIB_PRM.h.

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