Data Fields
hfa384x_usbout Union Reference

#include <hfa384x.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t type
hfa384x_usb_txfrm_t txfrm
hfa384x_usb_cmdreq_t cmdreq
hfa384x_usb_wridreq_t wridreq
hfa384x_usb_rridreq_t rridreq
hfa384x_usb_wmemreq_t wmemreq
hfa384x_usb_rmemreq_t rmemreq

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2118 of file hfa384x.h.

Field Documentation

◆ type

uint16_t hfa384x_usbout::type

Definition at line 2119 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ txfrm

hfa384x_usb_txfrm_t hfa384x_usbout::txfrm

Definition at line 2120 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ cmdreq

hfa384x_usb_cmdreq_t hfa384x_usbout::cmdreq

Definition at line 2121 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ wridreq

hfa384x_usb_wridreq_t hfa384x_usbout::wridreq

Definition at line 2122 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ rridreq

hfa384x_usb_rridreq_t hfa384x_usbout::rridreq

Definition at line 2123 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ wmemreq

hfa384x_usb_wmemreq_t hfa384x_usbout::wmemreq

Definition at line 2124 of file hfa384x.h.

◆ rmemreq

hfa384x_usb_rmemreq_t hfa384x_usbout::rmemreq

Definition at line 2125 of file hfa384x.h.

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