Data Fields
oncrpc_field_value Union Reference

#include <oncrpc.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   size_t   length
   const void *   ptr
struct {
   size_t   length
   const uint32_t *   ptr
int64_t int64
int32_t int32
const char * str
const struct oncrpc_credcred

Detailed Description

Definition at line 90 of file oncrpc.h.

Field Documentation

◆ length

size_t oncrpc_field_value::length

Definition at line 92 of file oncrpc.h.

◆ ptr [1/2]

const void* oncrpc_field_value::ptr

Definition at line 93 of file oncrpc.h.

◆ array

struct { ... } oncrpc_field_value::array

◆ ptr [2/2]

const uint32_t* oncrpc_field_value::ptr

Definition at line 98 of file oncrpc.h.

◆ intarray

struct { ... } oncrpc_field_value::intarray

◆ int64

int64_t oncrpc_field_value::int64

Definition at line 101 of file oncrpc.h.

◆ int32

int32_t oncrpc_field_value::int32

Definition at line 102 of file oncrpc.h.

◆ str

const char* oncrpc_field_value::str

Definition at line 103 of file oncrpc.h.

◆ cred

const struct oncrpc_cred* oncrpc_field_value::cred

Definition at line 104 of file oncrpc.h.

Referenced by oncrpc_compute_size().

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