Data Fields
scsi_cdb Union Reference

A SCSI Command Data Block. More...

#include <scsi.h>

Data Fields

struct scsi_cdb_read_10 read10
struct scsi_cdb_read_16 read16
struct scsi_cdb_write_10 write10
struct scsi_cdb_write_16 write16
struct scsi_cdb_read_capacity_10 readcap10
struct scsi_cdb_read_capacity_16 readcap16
struct scsi_cdb_test_unit_ready testready
unsigned char bytes [16]

Detailed Description

A SCSI Command Data Block.

Definition at line 207 of file scsi.h.

Field Documentation

◆ read10

struct scsi_cdb_read_10 scsi_cdb::read10

Definition at line 208 of file scsi.h.

◆ read16

struct scsi_cdb_read_16 scsi_cdb::read16

Definition at line 209 of file scsi.h.

◆ write10

struct scsi_cdb_write_10 scsi_cdb::write10

Definition at line 210 of file scsi.h.

◆ write16

struct scsi_cdb_write_16 scsi_cdb::write16

Definition at line 211 of file scsi.h.

◆ readcap10

struct scsi_cdb_read_capacity_10 scsi_cdb::readcap10

Definition at line 212 of file scsi.h.

◆ readcap16

struct scsi_cdb_read_capacity_16 scsi_cdb::readcap16

Definition at line 213 of file scsi.h.

◆ testready

struct scsi_cdb_test_unit_ready scsi_cdb::testready

Definition at line 214 of file scsi.h.

◆ bytes

unsigned char scsi_cdb::bytes[16]

Definition at line 215 of file scsi.h.

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