Data Fields
vmbus_message Union Reference

VMBus message. More...

#include <vmbus.h>

Data Fields

struct vmbus_message_header header
 Common message header. More...
struct vmbus_offer_channel offer
 "Offer channel" message More...
struct vmbus_open_channel open
 "Open channel" message More...
struct vmbus_open_channel_result opened
 "Open channel result" message More...
struct vmbus_close_channel close
 "Close channel" message More...
struct vmbus_gpadl_header gpadlhdr
 "GPADL header" message More...
struct vmbus_gpadl_created created
 "GPADL created" message More...
struct vmbus_gpadl_teardown teardown
 "GPADL teardown" message More...
struct vmbus_gpadl_torndown torndown
 "GPADL torndown" message More...
struct vmbus_initiate_contact initiate
 "Initiate contact" message More...
struct vmbus_version_response version
 "Version response" message More...

Detailed Description

VMBus message.

Definition at line 240 of file vmbus.h.

Field Documentation

◆ header

struct vmbus_message_header vmbus_message::header

Common message header.

Definition at line 242 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_probe_channels(), vmbus_reset_channels(), and vmbus_wait_for_message().

◆ offer

struct vmbus_offer_channel vmbus_message::offer

"Offer channel" message

Definition at line 244 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_probe_channels(), and vmbus_reset_channels().

◆ open

struct vmbus_open_channel vmbus_message::open

"Open channel" message

Definition at line 246 of file vmbus.h.

◆ opened

struct vmbus_open_channel_result vmbus_message::opened

"Open channel result" message

Definition at line 248 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_open().

◆ close

struct vmbus_close_channel vmbus_message::close

"Close channel" message

Definition at line 250 of file vmbus.h.

◆ gpadlhdr

struct vmbus_gpadl_header vmbus_message::gpadlhdr

"GPADL header" message

Definition at line 252 of file vmbus.h.

◆ created

struct vmbus_gpadl_created vmbus_message::created

"GPADL created" message

Definition at line 254 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_establish_gpadl().

◆ teardown

struct vmbus_gpadl_teardown vmbus_message::teardown

"GPADL teardown" message

Definition at line 256 of file vmbus.h.

◆ torndown

struct vmbus_gpadl_torndown vmbus_message::torndown

"GPADL torndown" message

Definition at line 258 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_gpadl_teardown().

◆ initiate

struct vmbus_initiate_contact vmbus_message::initiate

"Initiate contact" message

Definition at line 260 of file vmbus.h.

◆ version

struct vmbus_version_response vmbus_message::version

"Version response" message

Definition at line 262 of file vmbus.h.

Referenced by vmbus_initiate_contact().

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