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x25519_multiply_step1 Union Reference

X25519 multiplication step 1 result. More...

Public Member Functions

 bigint_t (X25519_SIZE+X25519_SIZE) product
 Raw product. More...

Data Fields

struct {
 Partition into low-order and high-order bits. More...

Detailed Description

X25519 multiplication step 1 result.

Step 1 of X25519 multiplication is to compute the product of two X25519 unsigned 258-bit integers.

Both multiplication inputs are limited to 258 bits, and so the product will have at most 516 bits.

Definition at line 107 of file x25519.c.

Member Function Documentation

◆ bigint_t()

x25519_multiply_step1::bigint_t ( X25519_SIZE X25519_SIZE)

Raw product.

Big integer multiplication produces a result with a number of elements equal to the sum of the number of elements in each input.

Field Documentation

◆ parts

struct { ... } x25519_multiply_step1::parts

Partition into low-order and high-order bits.

Reduction modulo p requires separating the low-order 256 bits from the remaining high-order bits.

Since the value will never exceed 516 bits (see above), there will be at most 260 high-order bits.

Referenced by x25519_multiply().

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