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x25519_oct258 Union Reference

An X25519 unsigned 258-bit integer. More...

#include <x25519.h>

Data Fields

x25519_t value
 Big integer value. More...

Detailed Description

An X25519 unsigned 258-bit integer.

This is an unsigned integer N in the finite field of integers modulo the prime p=2^255-19.

In this representation, N is encoded as any big integer that is in the same congruence class as N (i.e that has the same value as N modulo p) and that lies within the 258-bit range [0,8p-1].

This type can be used as an input for multiplication (but not for addition or subtraction).

Addition or subtraction will produce an output of this type.

Definition at line 45 of file x25519.h.

Field Documentation

◆ value

x25519_t x25519_oct258::value

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