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null_mp.h File Reference

Null multiprocessor API implementation. More...

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#define MPAPI_PREFIX_null   __null_


static __attribute__ ((always_inline)) mp_addr_t MPAPI_INLINE(null
static mp_address (void *address)
 Calculate address as seen by a multiprocessor function. More...
static mp_exec_boot (mp_func_t func __unused, void *opaque __unused)
static mp_start_all (mp_func_t func __unused, void *opaque __unused)

Detailed Description

Null multiprocessor API implementation.

Definition in file null_mp.h.

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#define MPAPI_PREFIX_null   __null_

Definition at line 15 of file null_mp.h.

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◆ __attribute__()

static __attribute__ ( (always_inline)  )

◆ mp_address()

static mp_address ( void *  address)

Calculate address as seen by a multiprocessor function.

addressAddress in normal iPXE address space
Return values
addressAddress in application processor address space

Definition at line 19 of file null_mp.h.

19  {
21  return ( ( mp_addr_t ) address );
22 }
uint64_t address
Base address.
Definition: ena.h:24
unsigned long mp_addr_t
An address within the address space for a multiprocessor function.
Definition: mp.h:24

References address.

◆ mp_exec_boot()

static mp_exec_boot ( mp_func_t func  __unused,
void *opaque  __unused 

Definition at line 25 of file null_mp.h.

26  {
27  /* Do nothing */
28 }

◆ mp_start_all()

static mp_start_all ( mp_func_t func  __unused,
void *opaque  __unused 

Definition at line 31 of file null_mp.h.

32  {
33  /* Do nothing */
34 }