Data Fields
ath9k_ani_default Struct Reference

#include <ani.h>

Data Fields

u16 m1ThreshLow
u16 m2ThreshLow
u16 m1Thresh
u16 m2Thresh
u16 m2CountThr
u16 m2CountThrLow
u16 m1ThreshLowExt
u16 m2ThreshLowExt
u16 m1ThreshExt
u16 m2ThreshExt
u16 firstep
u16 firstepLow
u16 cycpwrThr1
u16 cycpwrThr1Ext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 102 of file ani.h.

Field Documentation

◆ m1ThreshLow

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m1ThreshLow

◆ m2ThreshLow

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m2ThreshLow

◆ m1Thresh

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m1Thresh

◆ m2Thresh

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m2Thresh

◆ m2CountThr

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m2CountThr

◆ m2CountThrLow

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m2CountThrLow

◆ m1ThreshLowExt

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m1ThreshLowExt

◆ m2ThreshLowExt

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m2ThreshLowExt

◆ m1ThreshExt

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m1ThreshExt

◆ m2ThreshExt

u16 ath9k_ani_default::m2ThreshExt

◆ firstep

u16 ath9k_ani_default::firstep

◆ firstepLow

u16 ath9k_ani_default::firstepLow

◆ cycpwrThr1

u16 ath9k_ani_default::cycpwrThr1

◆ cycpwrThr1Ext

u16 ath9k_ani_default::cycpwrThr1Ext

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