Data Fields
ath9k_beacon_state Struct Reference

#include <hw.h>

Data Fields

u32 bs_nexttbtt
u32 bs_nextdtim
u32 bs_intval
u32 bs_dtimperiod
u16 bs_cfpperiod
u16 bs_cfpmaxduration
u32 bs_cfpnext
u16 bs_timoffset
u16 bs_bmissthreshold
u32 bs_sleepduration
u32 bs_tsfoor_threshold

Detailed Description

Definition at line 405 of file hw.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bs_nexttbtt

u32 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_nexttbtt

Definition at line 406 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_nextdtim

u32 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_nextdtim

Definition at line 407 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_intval

u32 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_intval

Definition at line 408 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_dtimperiod

u32 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_dtimperiod

Definition at line 411 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_cfpperiod

u16 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_cfpperiod

Definition at line 412 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_cfpmaxduration

u16 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_cfpmaxduration

Definition at line 413 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_cfpnext

u32 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_cfpnext

Definition at line 414 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_timoffset

u16 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_timoffset

Definition at line 415 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_bmissthreshold

u16 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_bmissthreshold

Definition at line 416 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_sleepduration

u32 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_sleepduration

Definition at line 417 of file hw.h.

◆ bs_tsfoor_threshold

u32 ath9k_beacon_state::bs_tsfoor_threshold

Definition at line 418 of file hw.h.

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