Data Fields
b44_private Struct Reference

Driver private state. More...

#include <b44.h>

Data Fields

struct net_devicenetdev
struct pci_devicepci
u8 phy_addr
struct dma_desctx
struct io_buffertx_iobuf [B44_RING_SIZE]
u32 tx_cur
u32 tx_dirty
struct dma_descrx
struct io_bufferrx_iobuf [B44_RING_SIZE]
u32 rx_cur

Detailed Description

Driver private state.

Definition at line 418 of file b44.h.

Field Documentation

◆ netdev

struct net_device* b44_private::netdev

Definition at line 419 of file b44.h.

◆ pci

struct pci_device* b44_private::pci

Definition at line 420 of file b44.h.

Referenced by b44_probe().

◆ regs

u8* b44_private::regs

Definition at line 421 of file b44.h.

◆ phy_addr

u8 b44_private::phy_addr

Definition at line 422 of file b44.h.

◆ tx

struct dma_desc* b44_private::tx

Definition at line 424 of file b44.h.

◆ tx_iobuf

struct io_buffer* b44_private::tx_iobuf[B44_RING_SIZE]

Definition at line 425 of file b44.h.

◆ tx_cur

u32 b44_private::tx_cur

Definition at line 426 of file b44.h.

◆ tx_dirty

u32 b44_private::tx_dirty

Definition at line 427 of file b44.h.

◆ rx

struct dma_desc* b44_private::rx

Definition at line 429 of file b44.h.

◆ rx_iobuf

struct io_buffer* b44_private::rx_iobuf[B44_RING_SIZE]

Definition at line 430 of file b44.h.

◆ rx_cur

u32 b44_private::rx_cur

Definition at line 431 of file b44.h.

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